The Association enlisted soldier for southern command

חלק מהציוד שנתרם. צילום: דובר צה”ל

The Association donated and built within two months 33 wide clubs for soldiers in the South, from Gaza to Eilat, in light of the significant increase in the number of soldiers serving in sector

תאריך: 01/05/2012, 12:11    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

In a record time of two months ago established the Association of 33 social clubs for soldiers deployed in the southern region, from Gaza City in the North to the smallest outpost. These conversion centers earlier this week at which invited top southern command and representatives of society. Given the strengthening in sectors bound red decorated Gaza recently, were in sectors and the need to provide them with good social conditions and allow the task pauses the intensive operational. For this purpose came to meet the light.

Of association provided for enclosures and social clubs which were placed where plasma screens, home theater system, board games and sports, indoor seating-sofas and outdoor seating areas like pergolas and benches. The compounds
Allow soldiers in large bases as well as for those in small outposts, Noah played martial routine in which they risk their lives daily in combat and security operations along the border.

“This is an unprecedented project in scope and importance, and we are happy to meet the southern authority in social clubs,” explained the Director of the space for the soldier, Colonel (Ret) Yoram Nachman. “It is important that you be lluhamim own corner activity. This is a way to express their appreciation and okrtheno warriors.

Due to the rapidly changing sector in the South, the need for light and in a short period of time.
Southern command appealed for assistance on this matter to the Southern Association. Inside
Weeks was the contribution is estimated at $ 400,000, and the project was completed. The contribution given by live light group chaired by Mrs. Malka izbicki my organization of society in Mexico.

In addition, 33 centers these are referred to as time passed in Greece, that average is 60 centers throughout the whole year. Six months had a few weeks ago. It should be noted that new residents are coming at the expense of those 60 other sites. Ceo of the Israel Defense Forces, Brigadier General (Res.) Ilan Tal, explained that the project is an example of excellence: the IDF conducted shortly before new challenges so that you shine along the borders, and formed the resulting social needs.

“The IDF was, still is and will also in the future army. Aside from continuing to talk with our values we are committed to build them effective detail suit and an incredible way to do it. Friends of the Israel Defense Forces is a strategic partner to the Israeli air force on all levels, “explained head manpower Directorate, Brigadier General Moshe alush.

Meanwhile, said southern command Chief of staff, Brigadier General Roy elkabetz, because the purpose of the IDF – civil protection implemented by the Warriors themselves. “This is giving to soldiers, enabling them to carry out the most basic, normal. Here’s how to enable them, and feel good, “said Brig. Gen. elkabetz.

Translated from Hebrew