The basis for change

טירונים ב”חוות השומר”. צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

The rookies “guest keeper”, every day of the year is a day for deeds. Faith, which opens the way to fix social and personal

תאריך: 20/03/2012, 15:09    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

During the day the deeds today (Tuesday), both part of the IDF units were on a mission with the spirit of leadership and mission. However, there is one
In which every day is a day of good deeds, where success emerges as a success. This place is the basis of the farm Guard recruits “, located in the lower Galilee.
The underlying design Foundation promotes the special populations in society (CA), and every day that passes is characterized by intensity.

Within the base unit, also recruits סיב”ה – unique issues in Israeli society. The unit consists of a group of officers, and their name and destination
Expose IDF commanders and soldiers burning issues in Israeli society that molding
Be higher and will be easier to cope. Rappaport, Chief Vice bar, see the importance of the unit and connected direct contact between the vision and the objectives of the סיב”ה and guest.

The unit is compatible with the base’s motto – “due to believing in. We see our role as national commitment, and the Guard allow soldiers from special populations
Do elections that promote them, “explained Lieutenant Rappaport. The guard, which almost looks like a bucolic site due to the meadows are wide and the flowers begin to bloom, you won’t be able to avoid increasing his messages and thoughts.
Photographs and posters of quotes from these type of people like the philosopher Nietzsche and Prime Minister and former Chief of General Staff Yitzhak Rabin z l, are everywhere.

Within this reality, the cheeks of סיב”ה unit exactly in the same direction.
“We derive the law of Hashomer and education and Youth Corps, and pass it the IDF units coming from junior commanders, resistors, senior officers and more. Our goal is that they came out with the understanding that the responsibility is to make social change, and that this privilege given to do as Lieutenant commanders, “Rappaport.

The courses and advocacy activities of סיב”ה contain content for newcomers and special populations. The perception is that these populations are missing tools – economic, linguistic, cultural, etc. “Sir in this matter is significant. About
To become acquainted with the culture, where he stands and what he perceives as Commander. Many people conclude conclusions ‘ obvious ‘ about soldiers, create distance, and our job is to give rich tools that cause those people to think otherwise, “explained Lieutenant Rappaport.

“Trying to open doors and ‘ tag ‘

During the year work are about 40-50 courses taught by the ‘ סיב”ה ‘ right and most of them come from a background of education and teaching, and some experience in command of soldiers from CA (promoting special populations) and newcomers in Rookie base guest keeper and abroad. “The courses are delivered to commanders about sickle (the loyal soldiers back command), מ”כים, Air Force Commander
Courses in it and most people who undergo training education and Youth Corps, such as the (curriculum and instruction) and d (youth guide). In addition, the content is delivered to commanders who may experience these populations during their service, “said Lieutenant Rappaport.

According to site information education and Youth Corps, the series underwent a major transformation lately – in its sleep was the scene of mirror State characteristics of populations, but the trend is to show how the events of the crisis affecting the soldier, in order to give to the Commander for the soldiers.
The attitude of סיב”ה unit, a reflection of the unique issues and shed light on the ways of coping, Zora largely base command access guest. “In the guardian
Try to open soldiers rather than tag them. Give them a fresh start. During
Ten weeks of basic training, command post fight in the teeth of every soldier and soldier, told
Lieutenant Rapaport, “adding that” the aim is to give them basic life skills – knowing how
To be part of a team, to keep alive, to take a test and get up in the morning at the time – most of us look like operations built. ” She has another kind of reality, the reality
Of the soldiers who come to experience. “We increase their choices and tell them: ‘ there is another way-and if you like it,” added Lieutenant Rappaport.

Another roster spot launches between סיב”ה unit and command staff in the guard is that the vast majority of these scenes belong to women. “The girls have high emotional intelligence that touch, and most of the games are avoided between Chief soldier.
The very job and be repeated after Loran, told Deputy Rappaport. The relationship between the soldiers, according to Rappaport’s which examines this reality daily, based on love command “No love in the romantic sense, of course. To understand and promote soldier, than have to believe in him and love him. The soldier is among the Chief there for him, and he managed to go through, “stressed Deputy Rappaport.

A better soldier, a better citizen.

The content transmitted by סיב”ה include evaluating processes within Israeli society, teenagers in distress, immigration and integration of immigrants and in command. The rate in the former Soviet Union and CIS (popularly “CIS”), is a scientific model which deals with the shapes of adaptation costs. The dedicated to understanding
The history and culture of the Ethiopian immigrants, learn about the vicissitudes of their immigration and customs of human beings. Thus, fiber lines, officers rich and varied content, look for every soldier and the commander knew the background he came from and will help him if necessary.

סיב”ה unit commander, Lieutenant Burr Rapaport, hope demand for courses and seminars taught by the unit cost, and see substantial importance on the part of the unit.
The unit is based on command of the education and Youth Corps, which formulated by
Content experts. Unfortunately, the level of recognition that we get her does not provide. We deliver courses, seminars and classes for free and see a great deal of importance on hosting controls and the Gospel. We’re sending a message that supports combined population, which is very important in the moment that many knew about the existence of only one – we can help commanders, to support them in pikodies issues and transfer tools to enable them to cope best with the soldiers, “Lieutenant returned Rappaport.

It can be said that the connection between the base unit סיב”ה Rookies of the guard is not accidental, perhaps. These two elements share a stake and, thanks to the faith in man and of a sense of mission. The guard tries to ensure that soldier who enlist as a CA becomes a soldier, and later to a better citizen.
The fiber is trying to ensure that commanders from all ends of the spectrum understand that much learning and work which can understand better their troops.

Translated from Hebrew