The bond to the Holocaust: the Jewish people will not stand another defenseless.

הרמטכ”ל, רא”ל בני גנץ

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz writes and IDF commanders to mark Holocaust Memorial Day: “our might and moral stand our technological prowess in front of a long challenge zirati complex”

תאריך: 18/04/2012, 19:06    
מחבר: הרמטכ”ל, רא”ל בני גנץ

Tonight, Yom Hashoah, we stand, IDF soldiers and commanders, and salute in silence hurts to commemorate their heroism of millions of women, men and children, who had to experience the terrible Inferno. On this day we remember and remind the rebellions in ghettos and heroes in the extermination camps, the guerrillas who took to the Woods and they have weapons, the Jewish fighters battle named and were killed in their struggle with Nazism, racism, tyranny and ugly character.

We put the memory of people who were with them, keep humanity and support their loved ones as much as they could, against vicious death machine and gone in sorrow for the death of Jews proud when the humans in every sense of the word.

We carry us to do all they could to be saved from the horrors, who braved hunger and disease, the ה’אקציות ‘ and ה’סלקציות ‘ and escaped from the gun and the gas chamber. They survived to tell the story so the whole world will remember, not
Forget to establish a homeland for the Jewish people to have a defensive shield and say confidently: “never again.”

We salute each and every one of them, the gdoltam facing the impossible reality which. They are the eternal answer to the anti-Semitic theory, trying to describe the כ”תת Jew?”, Nazi propaganda Billboard signs and cartoons in newspapers.

They give you no more than him in front of the word “Valor”. Example
And of the top man, the true pioneer and Jewish thinker Aaron David Gordon: “the top need to be on top, not top on others, not small, but Supreme ruler from himself. He’s a man, man “.

The IDF draws a Holocaust Memorial and the military strength and moral strength that each decision node directed his way, pushing him to victory again.
Physical and mental fortitude of these are with us at any time and more at that time – that undermine the revolutionary spirits Middle East stability, and create a complex multinational challenge zirati
Meanwhile, we have witnessed attempts to harm the State of Israel, and Jews.

We, sons, grandchildren and niniham of the survivors are now in the IDF, Jews
The firm of Israel — a country that was and still is the essence of hope and dreams.

On this day of reckoning once again renew the generations of us who witnessed the horror of the Holocaust, their flesh and promise not to stand again, a son of the Jewish people defenseless.

Translated from Hebrew