The butt is played next conflict: decentralization and ensure functional continuity equipment under fire

Six years after the second Lebanon war, complete with Matt the “rapid streams” which brought an emergency supply to full alert. אט”ל רמ”ט: “our inventory at the best condition in recent years.”

תאריך: 17/07/2012, 11:31    
מחבר: הללי יצחק, אט”ל

Six years have passed since the second Lebanon war, and the technological and Logistics Directorate for the following campaign: the IDF understands that “the main goal after the second Lebanon war was to fill warehouses all over again. The cascade programme streams ‘ completed it last year, and the day are better than ever, “explained Chief of staff Brigadier General Alireza אט”ל, Wolf.

“In order to preserve the situation we need to preserve the situation all the time, otherwise it’s just going downhill. Commons building for years, until we define what we want to buy until you actually deserve in supply. taking forever, however destroy the island takes at least six months, “says Brigadier General Wolfe. He said that the fighting in Lebanon in 2006, established a new Logistics Division, each role was to bring the military logistics to chat (אלר”ם). The cascade streams program ‘ renewed full quality and last year was shamhasnim.

The implications of the new challenges in the next war is already well understood today in balancing the desire to ensure functional continuity under heavy fire is an integral part of the new doctrines and concepts as well as for logistics training. “Our mission is to conduct
Emergency logistics that will enable the continuity of operation of the IDF as Brigadier General, he added, “the nature of logistics is the supply of troops, drive, MEDEVAC, maintenance
Weapons, and also in emergency.

Ensuring the functional continuity under fire not finishes writing new combat theories in recent years began to slowly spread the filling all over the country such as medical equipment will be
Scattered in several places across the country. Another is about the ability to produce any alternative linguistic line hat can provide, based on civilian infrastructure that will enable the
Continuity of action. “Meanwhile, we’re trying to increase the protection anytime,” אט”ל רמ”ט. “the emphasis is given primarily to the bases must be running at all times.
Then comes the tunneling stage. Part of the stock held in underground bunkers. “

Even the national filled are taken in account in time of emergency, including jet fuel,
Gasoline, diesel fuel and food. “We got full for a short period. Afterwards confined even civilian vehicles, trucks, motorcycles and ships that can carry a large amount of supplies “, Brigadier General Wolfe. “Hshanot phase on the civilian economy rests on
All other supplies, such as supplies. We are together with our partners in the USA
Why and how we receive and at what time.

Translated from Hebrew