The captain flew the fighter’s family from Africa-Latrun

רב”ט דניאל חי בטקס, שבוע שעבר. צילום: יהודה ארי גרוס, דובר צה”ל

Corporal Daniel rioner, live from South Africa, hadn’t seen his father for two years,
Until special operation graduation p. The short ceremony, “marrow of the inlet manifold Halpert” stupid

תאריך: 30/06/2013, 13:18    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of combatants last week completed the advanced training of armored Corps-p course (a team, Department, company). During the 10 weeks of training are the only Warrior one tank, and practice the different layouts in facing challenges. The ceremony held at Yad lashiryon in Latrun, the Warriors tankist signal mask (“tzprgol”), and is held in the school census status
Armor (strange people) and designed “light”, Colonel Lior Hochman.

The captain flew the fighter’s family from Africa-Latrun

“This year we commemorate 40 years of heroic degenerates want a toilet! who took to defend the State of Israel on the various fronts – from the Golan to” Chinese opening Colonel Hochman his speech referring to mark 40 years since the Yom Kippur war. “So today stopped the armored forces the enemy armies. The tankists led the counter attack, which led to the long-awaited transition to war, which was a key factor in hchrata “, noted a strange people.

Later addressed Colonel Hochman to the importance of the armored Corps. “Time after time taking hundreds of warriors in his generation, some protect State security – stopping the enemy and protect. They lead as quickly as possible the ground forces attack deep into enemy territory, and bring him back to consciousness that works of the State of Israel Wawa 86 and unshakable, “he explained.

“This is extraordinarily short Halpert, stupid Were proud of the heritage and continue tirelessly to strive for excellence, “said Col. Hochman out fresh shrionerim responsibility in defending the State of Israel, adding that” were determined, and bad for your tank and have to create personal readiness command “.

Issued passports and recruited funds

In this exciting ceremony class, exciting event plus one from fresh atankists. cpl. Daniel alive in Division 7, from South Africa two years ago.

The captain flew the fighter’s family from Africa-Latrun

“I planned to live here and I was going to enlist, told IDF website his mother died when he was 12, and he went in pursuit of the brother and the sister living in Israel. However, his father and sister in South Africa. “I haven’t seen my father in years. I really miss
To him, “testified cpl. lived before the surprise she had expected him. With the draft, wanted to reach cpl. fighter unit, and was assigned to the armored Corps. “I wanted to be a fighter and sometimes it’s hard, but that’s what I want to do,” he explained. He currently resides in lone soldiers in.

His platoon commander, Lieutenant Eviatar Hanan, was exposed to the story and remained indifferent. “Daniel was
My soldier in boot camp, and we’re always in contact with lone soldiers and ensure they contact their parents, “said Lt. Hanan. “All lone soldiers flew to parents
, And had no money to go to visit his father, “he added. At this point the pilot decided his father want to finish carrying out course of cpl. alive. “I decided we were going at it hard,” said Lt. Hanan. After some difficulties and issuing passports for corporal’s little sister lived, and after raising money with corporal’s fiancee and friends live – Lt. Hanan managed to fly the seven-year-old little sister and father and to bring them to the Yad
Armor in Latrun. During the ceremony surprised cpl. alive and promised him his father. “Very
Excited, everyone seems to know about it, except for me, “said with a smile and excitement to the IDF website after the encounter with his father.

Translated from Hebrew