The Caracal’s iron man: the story of Sir Sri

סמל לסרי. צילום: דובר צה”ל

To convert icon Sri’s hand made titanium and powers, which doesn’t bother him to function as a warrior and Commander in Karakal. After overcoming cancer and fulfilled a dream to be
A warrior, he’s the next 1

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

To convert icon, currently Commander of the Caracal battalion, had been a student in 11th grade, he had a clear plan about his role in the military. He trained fitness group
When fighting Super slowly Anoint your candle is to reach one of the cruisers in the IDF, but despite the high aspirations of the Sri, while weakened, and he suffered from pain in his hand. “I went to see it several times and said nothing, I’m just spoiled,” he recalls, “but after a long period I was complaining and me, she broke down and had a benign tumor in the shoulder diameter of 8 cm.

Sri icon was hospitalized for several months lost most in 12th grade, and has undergone several operations. “Before I went to two doctors told me they probably won’t be able to build my arm because it is eaten as a whole by the tumor, and you probably have to put a fake hand and arm movement, mentioned to me a symbol of Sri. “That was the feeling.
Worst in the world, thought that – my life. ” While the situation has proved better than expected, and instead the amputation doctors to restore the icon of Sri using donor bone, bone of the pelvis and titanium.

Because of the lengthy hospitalization, missed a symbol of Sri screening process and the majority determined that the army is not raised. “I asked to join anyway and set profile 24, Sri icon, ” provided me and asked to go to the Commission to raise the profile and be
Warrior. At this point I realized the Cruiser Warrior won’t be, but I wasn’t going to give up combat positions.

Good people.

Symbol of Sri managed to bring his medical profile, but not enough to be a warrior, which led to a police shibozzo. “I moved during the course of military service and then when they told me that even if I cannot find profile go up because the course was,” he explains. “My mother was against my attempts to move combat role and told me to stay in the military because my job. However, I decided to do everything I can to go to combat role, and anyway do my military job for the best until then, “he says firmly.

After many efforts, the Sri logo doctor who agreed to raise his profile, provided that if greater pain comes to him to download the profile again. But
Again, a symbol of Sri’s plans went wrong and became unfit for combat service, other difficulties piled up. He has been before military police course and served there for six months, and commanders refused to confirm him. One day I told one of the investigated, s. ת”ש,
My story and she decided to write a letter explaining why you need me, “he recalled. “At that time I suffered from overweight from where I was taken, and started to train and run every day. I filed an application before although I had
That way, even though they signed the commanders confirmed the move. Icon’s story
Ajit came to the ears of the Commander, who decided to allow him to pass 1A seeks to help him.

The Caracal’s iron man: the story of Sir Sri

Symbol of Sri, this week.

Two weeks later the phone rang of Sri. It was the phone that changed his life, and he decided to accept his request. “Although I do everything to move,
Inside I never thought I could. Everything was against me, and that was a serious market for me, “says Sergeant to Sri.

The goal: to conquer the 1

He came to Greece, where the officer placed his own options, which included all units except combat brigades alive. “I chose because I wanted very much to Caracal get to live and for me it’s the best that could be reached in relation to ability. I told myself that this infantry regiment to do the same tasks, “he clarifies.

“When I first got my fitness first Caracal was less good compared to other buildings, but with time I got good results,” says Sergeant to Sri. After the course, even went to Caracal מ”כים. Before joining wanted to end the military knowing I did the best I can, “he explains with a smile,” after the disease, when I managed to get
With a hand and to save my life-I. When I look back I am pleased with the decision to go to Karakal.

As a class, make sure to explain the symbol Sri his subordinates about the importance of health.
“I talk to them about smoking and healthy lifestyle is something that formed as a result of the disease and is expressed in my life where I try to exercise and eat healthy,” he said.
“As Commander
I told my men not from ordinary people that was on the line and
The Caracal, and I care about them to know there’s a story behind and fought to get troop
Multiple symbol Sri.

Later, his military planning Shh icon to take you to 1st class
Officers with fighters from all divisions. “It’s important to me because I want to contribute as much as I can and know that ultimately exhausted my maximum,” he says.

Translated from Hebrew