The Carmel disaster: innovations and improvements in aerial firefighting unit

Two years after the disaster which led to the creation, in the aerial firefighting Squadron engaged in upgrading the aircraft, increasing practice hours stand by time, and even international cooperation

תאריך: 04/12/2012, 13:54    
מחבר: שיר גולן, אתר חיל האוויר

At the end of 2010 the fire blazed in the State of Israel has known. 25,000 acres went up in flames in the Carmel disaster, millions of trees burned and 44 persons were killed. Planes from all over the world came to help Israel in aerial firefighting, and to air force scoured the area day and night.

Following the fire, the political echelon decided to regulate fire topic. Responsibility for the mission cancelled about air force, which was established a year after the aerial firefighting unit. The air force operates alongside the company Elbit, which bounced on the shutdown, and CHIM-NIR “accepted responsibility for the aircraft and their activation.

Nowadays, formulates the IAF in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security
The unit’s future. Among other things, they are coming out of new aircraft to increase hours of training teams and joining of additional pilots. Also, plan to force install the planes and investigate new systems.

“With the lessons produced from activity to date, we know what gaps you need to bridge them to better operations,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Rémy, Commander of the unit. “We are working against the civil aviation authority and national authorities, and of course the aerial firefighting system is a much better place.
That was two years ago. It’s not just with its suitable, but in all of correct decisions in real time, go to the fire place and in training we make. “

Today leaves the unit for operational training in the bet Shemesh area, in conjunction with the fire services and rescue locals, as part of the exercises that the only editor for all seasons. “We’re looking forward, Lieutenant Colonel Rémy,” generate lessons from the previous season and edit changes. Time to alert aircraft amrat in summer, for example, has dropped from half an hour to 15 minutes. In addition, we try to promote international cooperation with Greece shutdown squadrons and Spain “.

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