The Center began construction in infrastructure rehabilitation programme in the Gaza Strip

התקציב לתוכנית שיקום התשתיות שנפגעו מתנועת כלי רק”ם יעמוד על כ-60 מיליון שקלים. צילום: דובר צה”ל

About 60 million shekels, this is apparently the budget is made for carrying out infrastructure rehabilitation project in the Gaza Strip area, damaged during operation cast
• Expected jobs cast last 4 months

תאריך: 12/02/2009, 12:43    
מחבר: נעמה רק

Three weeks from the end of operation cast lead, recently began construction Center rehabilitation program the damaged infrastructure of the missile forces, vulnerability or רק”ם different traffic, including fences, electronic means, gateways, roads and sidewalks in Gaza Strip settlements.

In the coming weeks will be individual teams will map the status quo, and then executed at the exact design and implementation. After you have approved the budget for the rehabilitation program, now about 60 million, opens tender for infrastructure works. The project, which is expected
Be made for four to five months, led by Director of the border line and involved
Also, Technology Division, Commander and wing construction division within the Ministry of Defense.

Operation cast lead, forcing military construction units to deal with unusual situations and challenges such as the threat of rockets in the Assembly. Main
The construction effort was the establishment of temporary stay facilities for a large number of warriors, built in open areas that previously were only miles of sand.
Required to prepare the ground for a long time, so that ultimately could give the warring forces of the simple needs: a place to crash, kasamim and vulnerability protection, looking for water and electricity, installing toilets and showers and trash.
These tasks there is no room for glitches or delays. “Construction operation carried out very quickly, because it has to be,” said Lt. Col. Daniel, head South on Central. “All the systems layout stay made within three to four days.
The solutions were quite simple because there was a need to plan them, they already existed. It is a prefabricated solutions, such as pylons or mobile security you only need to load on a truck and send “.
At the Centre of change insist to provide all soldiers within the basic impact protection, and so protection operations made a very large-scale. Besides the fact that it is saving lives, protection of strategic buildings in the Gaza Strip area allows the partner function, even in a State of combat.

Various construction operations performed during the operation carried out in collaboration of the space construction in South and central command. The Commander of the southern and South Central have bad on
The construction effort along.

Translated from Hebrew