The Chameleon: a rare glimpse into the combat task of collecting the finest combat Bayou

כוחות מפלוגת “זיקית” באימון. צילום: יעל שלח, “במחנה”.

Chameleon company, iachm of central command, has completed a special training and shows how moving five warriors six days under a rock, to identify the bomber.

תאריך: 08/03/2013, 20:23    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

איסוף קרבי

When it looks like and feels like, it’s probably rock-unless that team of combat intelligence collection company “chameleon”, which members have completed a dedicated training last month.  Chameleon company, belonging to the battalion combat collection “Bud” which runs central command, composed of selected collection fighters who specialize in observations and in camouflage to complete implementations.

Company personnel are scattered at various points in central command and specialized missions. “The observations made after walking with heavy weights for distances of up to 10 kilometres, in open areas and built inside enemy territory,” the company commander, Captain nadav. “The fighters are equipped with advanced observation equipment, and the army out of a very small position. Staff can be space between 72 hours and up to 120 hours, and in some cases even more.

Personnel of every company has a unique role: constructor that builds the observation position, responsible for intelligence, a photographer whose function is to bring images and navigate. During the training the fighters share trends according to their roles and practice the skills required of them: builders work on establishing contacts, practice and media session,
Photographers and involves intelligence intelligence material and techniques, and navigating a consuming passion for introducing for the exercise that was to take place that night. “The role of Navigator is among the team’s most important because he is the one who has to get the team to where it needs to go,” said Deputy Chief of training with me. “The challenge is to get the team in shape and the safest, or exposed.

The Chameleon: a rare glimpse into the combat task of collecting the finest combat Bayou

Trending builders it was possible to see the establishment of an outpost. Builders who worked on the establishment also agreed to answer the question “How do you put five fighters with arms under the dome the size of a tent for two,” and demonstrate how they are doing beneath densely
But smartly. “After we’re done to establish initial position going into part of the camouflage with using grids and the like,” said the camouflage, Sgt. Daniel. “Shameda ready add around a network and bushes until you can’t notice it.
When we’re on a mission, one of the operators need to secure the position and the Commander should be awake.
In the afternoon, when no one is sleeping, playing 21 questions or speak. We talk a lot about whether there is a God or not.

Statements of warriors can see beyond the ability to run advanced equipment and carry heavy weights required of Chameleon Warrior qualities such as patience and composure, that enabled him to spend many hours when he shares a small footprint with five of his friends. “You have to swallow my nerves being collected,” the corporal contour. “In the end, your friends are what moves your hard time.”

Translated from Hebrew