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The theory theme GoC army headquarters before the last significant changes, including updating the content for the new operational, Amal and strategic changes in various scenes.

תאריך: 10/05/2012, 11:24    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

As part of the business expands in updating and improving the IDF combat doctrine, held this week for the Conference charge of GoC army headquarters, during which reviewed the changes to the various women in the last year: how changing the way in which powers, ranging from engineering, armor regiment to division level, should be built to maneuver and fight.

“Since the second Lebanon war, we are engaged in continuous form, growing in intensity, embed the character extensively with commanders,” said the IDF website תו”ל head, Lt. Col. yorai Keidar, said that” the Conference through recent changes, recent shbshntis have entered several key innovations.

One notable change is the replacement of the school defines a fighter base, which was updated after close to 20 years. The new comprehensive ground forces operations “, defines the operational conduct in light of the new medium and strategic changes in various scenes. In addition, for the first time soldiering books dealing with the help.

“We talk about important forces that complete the hostilities, in subjects such as engineering support and combat intelligence, not fully defined and organized so far today,” said Lieutenant Colonel Kedar, who noted that one of the major changes in the land today
Is the emphasis on combined arms team as attention capacity. “If in the past there was a book on how works and how actual battalion team applies, we focus on how integrated combat team of artillery, engineering and all the parties taking part in fighting elements together quality capabilities,” he added.

The Conference, held for the Meg level controls to all commanders, an overview of major changes, with an emphasis on displaying the latest posts.
In addition, meetings were held in hiilit, including the participation of the force logistics, that contained in-depth discussions as part of discourse to enhance character settings. “it’s an opportunity to make sure that the commanders in the dry matter, are aware of what has changed, get updates and participate in their building,” said Lt. Col. Kedar.

Incoming updates regularly to expand work building character based on several sources. “We’re looking all the time on the character test what is relevant and what requires refreshing because of changes in borders and our capabilities,” said Chief תו”ל,”
Lessons from previous wars and we are updating. Other sources
Learning interfaces against foreign armies, and training thakori.

“There is a significant emphasis on the subject domain theory, is receiving comprehensive treatment today through distributing literature, commanders, תו”ל to lectures, said Lieutenant Colonel Kedar, “the commanders understand the importance today of the subject, and engage in continuous form. It’s a very important trend.

Translated from Hebrew