The chat plan goals that automatically scans the contents of trucks

משאית צבאית. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Future work programme ‘ אט”ל 2030 ‘ includes revolutionary upgrades bar examinees by technological and Logistics Directorate

תאריך: 09/07/2012, 14:28    
מחבר: הללי יצחק

The technological and Logistics Directorate in planning the establishment of special gates at the entrance to major bases, which scan the contents of the trucks before the priktan. The intention is to streamline the chain of bases and tspoch the various units
While checking the products in time.

“The Gates will be able to read the exact quantity of each product, had to calculate how much of the same type in the warehouse and what is issued to only one when expire attack and so on,” explained to the newspaper “bamahane” Colonel Ziv abtalion, רמ”ח planning and organization the butt in slow going to put
The IDF also available advanced means like an unmanned loaders that will separate products according to categories and remove expired products from shelves.

It is a part of the revolution that leads towards the אט”ל, within the framework of the work plan
אט”ל” future 2030 “formulated recently in the logistics. Also examine the butt can also wounded by an unmanned aircraft, to help the evacuation.
Wounded battle zones. “The technology exists in the world and we have to analyse the challenges that we face and to decide on the appropriate response”, said Colonel abtalion.

“The objective is the development and implementation of an awareness means that logistics solutions.
Planning ahead makes us look all the time and think about the needs of the soldier in combat, while avoiding the loss of life, “explained תוא”ר רמ”ח.

Translated from Hebrew