The Chief Rabbi of Israel about a special visit popular base

הרב עמאר והרב פרץ בביקור, היום. צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

Rabbi Shlomo Amar came to visit the exiled Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz. “Many men are familiar with the religion you during military service,” said

תאריך: 26/08/2012, 14:53    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Military Rabbinate under the Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rav
Alokozay, hosted today (Sunday) to visit the Spanish Chief Rabbi to Israel and DIN, Rabbi Shlomo Amar. The Rishon Lezion Rabin arrived at the camp (Kriya), the home of the headquarters of the military Rabbinate official visit during which he met with the Deputy Chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh and gave a lesson in the synagogue Rabbi Goren,
He was the Chief Military Rabbi first.

On visit of Rabbi Amar, the same revch and the importance of his visit to a military camp. “This is a very great honor to this base and its occupants, not won in years.
And visit many masts so important “, said Brigadier General. During the visit, the first to score almost from the IDF’s operational work and technological advances.

Revch office visit was attended by officers from the base commander and the military Rabbinate who reviewed before the Rishon Lezion ongoing activities carried out under the command.
“The campus is tender. Around the offices of Prime Minister and Minister of Defense and the Chief of staff’s residence, “Deputy Commander of the base (סמב”ס), Lieutenant Colonel Yigal Ben Ami. “Your visit where I entered tens of thousands of people daily is pleasure for us, and I promote you welcome,” added Lieutenant Colonel Ben Ami.

The Chief Rabbi of Israel about a special visit popular base

“Strengthening and encouraging to see that the forces that are working here together.”

Meanwhile, Rabbi Amar expressed his appreciation towards the work of the military Rabbinate and standing on her head, and called for the continuation of the close cooperation between the various factors. “It’s very strong and reassuring to see the forces that work here together. Not all Chief Military Rabbi wins this round, group of talented people, lovers, you can pick up all the baggage that the largest and most important, “explained Rabbi Amar.

At the same time, the work of the military Rabbinate as showing towards surroundings. “The people all do their job wholeheartedly, along with commanders and lieutenants with warm heart, and big and probably can do big,” said Rabbi Amar.

Military Rabbinate, since the establishment of the State, many changes throughout its activities and under the command of Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz. “The Rabbinate in dimensions that were difficult to detect. It happened thanks to special people, including champions in joint chiefs who have hot corner. Always were and always will be, said Rabbi Amar.

At the end of the reception and discussion with senior staff, the Chief Military Rabbinate, Israel Rabbi Amar continued fruitful cooperation to yield important results. “I wish you to be together as one single heart, work and results will tnyavo like”, specify Rabbi Amar. Within this, gave Rabbi his opinion on contribution to strengthen Judaism among the soldiers and the people. “Your actions affect all Israel soldiers, who are citizens of tomorrow. There are many people that they met with Judaism begins from the army and army with a love of Israel and the Torah continues to go this way in the future, “concluded Rabbi Amar.

Translated from Hebrew