The CIOs roar in the Negev

The fun, the IDF Merkava APC, is the armored combat vehicles in the world’s most advanced enabling deep space maneuver. Watch the Golani fighters train with the Negev desert fun

תאריך: 27/08/2012, 12:13    
מחבר: יהונתן שר, מתן אהרוני, זרוע היבשה

Deep space maneuver the enemy never looked more efficient. The anti-aircraft רק”ם put to hostile areas as they are stronger, more fresh and protected much more.

The Tigers are back to control the deserts, but they are slightly larger, ranging on larvae, resistant anti-tank missiles and carrying a btnam to 11 fighters waiting to
Onslaught. Last week came the Golani Brigade’s advanced training for the just the latest in anti-aircraft army,.

“Tiger, an APC in Assembly for 2008 and is the רק”ם live in and most advanced in the world, “explained major the better רמ”ד נמ”ר Mazur, commanding” is almost identical to Merkava Mark 4 tank, just downloaded the Tower weighs
About 20 tons. What’s left is a powerful tool, and more stable than ever. “

Combatants entering may experience in artillery, mortars and many other objections by the enemy and you might have to stop their advance. However, the Tiger lets fighters to move around, it is protected, machine guns and anti-tank missiles and bringing alive into the battle.

In addition to the offenses of the combine also anti-aircraft weapons systems. On one remote private, participate in globe fall exercise as a gunner.
“My job is in the position of the sniper. I mean, I own the inside on the Mac.
(Heavy machine gun) which is on top of the Tiger and shoot targets at different ranges, “said fall.

Thanks to steady the deadly system allows accurate fire while moving, the tail gunner on the Tiger becomes much more efficient. “In a very sensitive we are” Globus “, even air conditioners and coolers. Rather than being exhausted after walking, we arrive at your destination refreshed and shporkim us out of it we still have power to run and fight. “

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Translated from Hebrew