The civil administration control aims against pests on Palestinian agriculture

Approved plan for financing insecticide against the Palm, a weevil farmland in the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria

תאריך: 09/01/2012, 13:56    
מחבר: מתאם פעולות הממשלה בשטחים

The civil administration to sponsor biological control against pests in agricultural areas in Judea and Samaria. The Agriculture Ministry archaeologist civil administration indicate
Today, nearly two years since starting the project that received final approval for pest control in the fields.
Palestinian farmers in Judea and Samaria.

“The confirmed budget for project handling with a weevil,” Palm
Ayman As’ad, Senior Center, economics and marketing at an Agriculture Ministry archaeologist. “This is a devastating pest treatment, trees which are economically valuable.

Palm Weevil neochetina is harmless, which fly into Palm trees and eating them from the inside.
You can’t notice it, until one day the Palms remain hollow inside and collapse.
Lack of early detection and control of the pest can cause destruction of palm groves intact and damage
Big economic

The Agriculture Ministry archaeologist of the civil administration there is so far a variety of seminars for farmers on the subject of the discovery and treatment of a weevil, and now they are expected to move forward
With a projected two Twinkie burglars roaming around pest treatment receive traps that if pest found and capture him. “We received permission from the civil administration to fund the amount of traps in 40-50 thousand,” said Assad, adding ש”עכשיו we should start implementing the issue.”

In addition, the archaeologist, the civil administration agriculture to be in constant contact with crop protection company. “We know mapping – palm groves and what they want to distribute density traps,” Assad. “We are getting from the field all the time, whether of cohesion”. He added that he believed Assad beginning
February begin to run the civil administration funding traps.

“We are trying to transfer their knowledge and give them the” baton “when it comes to pest control in agriculture in the Palestinian Authority,” said Assad, “knowledge and ability in the subject less than ours, and they knew how to deal with pests natural farming”.

Translated from Hebrew