The combat collection in Israel-Egypt border in high vigilance.


Lieutenant Colonel Erez Senecio, battalion combat intelligence collection “with” established three months ago, describes the new security challenges in the Egyptian border: “no one grace day, working around the clock”

תאריך: 26/06/2012, 13:15    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Battalion combat a new collection “them,” Lieutenant Colonel Erez Senecio, in an interview to website security reality challenging Chinese border, coping and differences between cut the Gaza Strip into Egypt.

With battalion was born about three months ago, in response to operational needs that arise at the border.
West. During the months leading up to the establishment and subsequent IDF, including things that happen above ground and below it in Egypt, 80th border.

“Compared to cut the Gaza Strip in a bahartano terrorist activity concealed much more hostile. The less visible and less visible enemy. But with quality people through the lens or the screens we deal with everything, “explains Lieutenant Colonel. Later, he adds that “there is no doubt that reality is changing and challenging enemy in
The terrorist, criminal law and infiltrators. However, we have a sophisticated collection techniques required
Given the challenge. “

Therefore, as a result of these challenges the instruments by the combat collection in the 80th world they state. The “granite”, observation balloons and medical observations has the most advanced measures are part of a list. “We have means of collecting all the layers. A float value, high masts, lands and observations and terrestrial mobile – warriors and fighters mounted feet. All these infinite integer components.
You can see clearly that operational effectiveness has increased since the establishment of the regiment – most of them quit the entire collection, which generated the event: alerts, jerking and a foil. We provide solutions that is both effective and operational in 80th “explains Meg.

In addition, the array gets stronger by the minute. As the days pass the barrier, Israel Egypt border towards the completion of the construction. New meter fence is new gather meter. According to Lieutenant Colonel Senecio, infinite array is very strong right now, but it will grow sevenfold when the construction of the elaborate fence. “The collection is double
Force to prevent terrorist or criminal activity. Although there are attempts to cross the barrier built new, but very difficult to do so. Set in its entirety cannot be “.

“We understand that in the context of terrorist activities on the border has a direct connection between what is happening in Gaza to Egypt and Sinai border region in particular. The terrorist in slices. No doubt there are awakening: If these grads, the last suicide bombing in developing additional events, or Nitzana describes Lieutenant Colonel. He said, making a serious awakening is occurring in Egypt
– “Twilight” period, as he calls it. The Chinese became a no man’s land because the State fertile ground for criminal and destructive elements.

Therefore, the Regiment is working 365 days a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, all the powers and all arrays. “No one grace day The work is always to try and foil
Each event. We are here regularly and knows the sector actively. It brings that feel that this battalion, strives to meet the mission, trying to touch, which understands the operational need, “explains Lieutenant Colonel.

Translated from Hebrew