The Commander of air defense, “publishers and relevant competent fighter to fight.”

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After three years as Colonel June agreement-Merom Sayeda period of intensive operational even during calm, explains how connect the monitors in the field.
And gives a glimpse into the diverse world: iron dome on.

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מחבר: צחי בירן, אתר צה”ל

Air Defense performed in recent years leap very significant-and ongoing operational work made in local and international awareness. The highlight was undoubtedly the successful activities of the “iron dome” system in operation “pillar”. A Senior Colonel, June-end from Sayeda in recent weeks to three years over air defense school and make a conclusion with
IDF site it is important to note, for proper disclosure, that a few years ago I served in regular and reserves, and reunion with many (bisn times), the island immersed in the desert, was kind of a return home or back to the source if you want.

The interview opened a conversation about school challenges, protection derived directly as challenging Israeli air defense. Colonel Sayeda-ROM explains that the array is found in the deep strategic change that affects and affected him from end to end.
“The fundamental change that has been applied is that if in the past you or me, as in, we see no missile flies over us – today, probably in the iron dome system ‘, probably not, and if not then you will not ‘ see ‘ any aircraft attempting to enter the airspace,” he said.  “Operational experience in the field of relaxation,
Rose significantly. Therefore, our main challenge as training is to match the evolving needs in the training field, they are very high, “butcher added.

The Commander of air defense, “publishers and relevant competent fighter to fight.”

Colonel June-Merom in Sayeda event seven rookies on the wall. Photo: air force

An additional challenge, according to Colonel-Sayeda, is developing defense systems and advanced are heating up, the feature update capabilities. “And this time, the change in the field, rhythms, to legitimize the field who is now fighting”, he explained.

Along with this challenge-deepened in recent years an additional challenge arises from the ambzzoa of the “iron dome” system – the follow-up of field operations and took. Discovery World alert, or the rocket world – need to figure out how to take a lesson, let it effect him fighting theory level and incorporate it in the owners manual and it in training. “At the end of my challenge is to get a fighter fit and relevant to the field,” said Colonel Saidye-rum. “As a property
We’re training base very Organization and ordered that produces very large quantities of high quality and in a short time. We are effective and efficient – with fewer resources than before “, he said.

If in the past the officers won the aerial defense to perform training.
Simulator, currently exist in air defense training center for diamond systems (Patriot), and the iron dome. “This coaching Center allows us to update
The versions of software of each system, and equivalent to the upgrade, “a strange people.

As an example of transformation the world training in air defense gave the school Commander leaves the defining event that occurred about two and a half years ago – the first interception of the iron dome system (versus rocket from Gaza – CB).
“Once we got the system, air defense system until the first interception passed less than two months. It is the combination of technological, operational and field training base, said the Commander of strange people.

The Commander of air defense, “publishers and relevant competent fighter to fight.”

Intercept experiment of “magic wand”. Photo: IDF

Developing operational systems for use and used light warriors each training. “It took
Preliminary processes like sending staff to the industry. It developed the lesson, and intercepted weapons. A month and a half or two had an operational Regiment and battery talented and qualified. We didn’t have such a quick process of weapons system in the world, and the status is set to inactive, “stated Colonel-Sayeda.

Regarding the future implementation of “magic wand” for air defense multiple-Colonel Sayeda Merom “in absorbing new weapon system, building up training program. We are in the process about “sceptre”, and we are the world’s coaches and clitta to complete the training concept. In the following text the exit tag industries (Azerbaijan – CB) as iron dome model and it begins these days, “revealed.

The Facebook generation separate screens and WAZE

After dealing with the operational challenges of discussing matters equally significant challenge that intrigues me personally – and the training of the recruits present generation, nicknamed “Generation Y” or the “generation”. Colonel Sayeda-ROM indicate safe because it’s a great generation with personal abilities. “This is a challenge on several levels — from the physical level. We grew up in the neighborhood, we were out all day, we have had the cold and heat – this generation, and the first time they are staying longer than two days outside in the sunshine-and-Brown tent – it will be here at school, “he explained.

In the same
Note that this relationship is indeed very media generation, very connected to the screens. He comes here.
And here the situation is exactly the opposite — apparently it’s supposed to be a complete failure, but the opposite is
The true “. To succeed in crossing consisting of the army, a civilian, soldier at the air defense set of actions: “the first is the connection support
The rookie – parents, “said Colonel Saidye-rum. “We’re meeting them in draft day, parents ‘ day here at the base and show them what he planned. We are mediators
The gap between what they know and learn (military past) why a son or daughter pass big gap which in my opinion, “said Colonel Saidye-rum. “The first week we don’t do to rookies high physical activity and give them time to growth. For weeks, the shot right down here and do more advanced stage in training, “he said.  The physical growth is largely beyond magoram in the tent, without merging and conduct for days without contact with their parents or connection to Facebook. “I can say that after three or four weeks since this process began, we see them in a different mode, a strange people testified.

The Commander of the outgoing school noted that the current generation of soldiers eager to learn and belonging and identity of a team and an organization that has become a little blurred. Another element in successful training and in school occurs three
To four weeks from start-creating “social map”. “We ask them two questions – who is your best friend here and who would you like to continue? Based on the answers we not exposed her social map, and whereby we identify who are the leaders, forming a very strong bonding which is very necessary for the group, “Colonel Saidye-Merom described his method of work. “From the moment they arrive in professional achievements and were required to get monthly period. They have amazing abilities. To me, this generation is more quality ball as at the end of the road for our generation, “he said, adding that” this generation wants to understand and demand explanations. Part of his ability to relate to Zionism and love of country-to understand where it comes from and the belief in the righteousness.

The Commander of air defense, “publishers and relevant competent fighter to fight.”

Defense cadets air defense in the event a wall. Photo: IDF

As part of the changes required for the current generation has changed and also through the transfer of the material – the learning stage, performed in the evening. “As I remember myself and my friends to sit in the evening time, and repeat using-returning soldiers currently on and assimilate him online, and even using educational computer games,” explained.

About parents ‘ support underscores the Saidye-Colonel from the importance of the subject, it may not attribute to him. “It is very important to us that the soldier will receive support at home. Our school has a role that parents –
He calls them not only by e-mail, but also on Facebook. The parent turns to us by e-mail, the program Chief and Sun “, a strange people.” is already filtering what is required and how to give the answer in the shortest time since, “he added.  He references big size and strange people, “said a commander in the first week all ordered evacuated at least once or twice. A very common question for example “why the soldier is required to return on Saturday.
“We explain to the parents that their son or daughter to participate in training on Sunday, and will be under the influence of parties, I’m bringing them on Saturday so we slept eight hours, to ensure its security,” said Colonel Sayeda Merom. When done with getting the answer.
Half the references.

My question how young tackles attached to navigation within the WAZE with Colonel Saidye-Marom replied that it is a significant challenge. “Navigation is the skill that’s descending – the soldiers arrive with less orientation in space. If time
We invest weeks in navigation – the day of class we do a week preparing for navigation, navigation, and weeks in preparation for her 1 week added – i.e. doubled
The navigation period, “explained the Commander of the strange people and added that it was made in order” to get them to a good orientation in space. The Commander of the outgoing school boasts that no delayed investment results. and it came to air defence Cadet second averaged campers.

Reserve, women, and social involvement

In addition to other bodies, also air defense deals these days, talented combination for security roles air force facilities throughout
The country. “This is the second that we recruit, said Colonel Saidye-rum.  “The first class graduates, failed to מ’פה ‘ increase in 50% the candidates for the course,” he added. Orthodox training received to ‘ wipe ‘ block and it’s a very important project at the national level. They go through a similar trajectory militarily and purchasing professionals like warriors “netzah Yehuda battalion”. “It is clear that this is a challenging training due to characteristics of the population, cultural and behavioural codes and family situation,” noted a strange people. He added that the
Deep learning process against Kfir Brigade, which is a focus of knowledge on this topic. “We raised
Some controls are free from permanent Service Division and we start to produce the regulated training, thorough and ethical. Ultra-Orthodox recruits are very conscientious, very
The understanding and magazines geared toward their side of the service on a personal level and world level
The ultra-Orthodox, “testified a strange people.

Regarding women in combat positions, air defense command on the experience of twenty years. According to the school census, “the real measure of our success the combination – if it was battery Commander positions-the next challenge is the headquarters first. For us there is no difference in training – training Internet site involved “, said Colonel Saidye-rum and added that” during the past year, due to the formation, growth ahead with air force now and created almost a doubling of the tailoring to the array.

The Commander of air defense, “publishers and relevant competent fighter to fight.”

Chief iron dome battery. Photo: IDF

About the world, and just recently ozea reserve battery of iron dome system.
Colonel Sayeda-ROM stresses that the main challenge is making conversion (reservists) advanced weapon systems and other tasks. “Knowledge map her leaning should reserve one now, and that under the new law reserves and limitations,” he explained. “We are targeted for migration, and further expanded the map information to reach the maximum. This challenge we have a significant advantage – reserves personnel arrive at full and stabilization with a highly motivated, and we do the training.
At high speed. Rapid training process allows for the anti-air warfare training framework within approximately three weeks. “We also have married women (exempt by law) that continue to volunteer for the reserves – it means a lot to me,” added a strange people.

Colonel-Merom Sayeda sought to emphasize issues important to him personally and it integration school anti-air in the fabric of life. “Three years ago.
I, along with other bases commanders in the South and along with the authorities in the region, where every penny we spend is invested. We spend a great deal of money on educational activities, logistics and more, we decided that we pull them from Beersheba and South to reinforce the space and to connect to it.  The Commander also decides you’re strange people Community contribution will faculty in a unique project of assistance for youth in distress,
Emitted from the frames. “We are working with the Ministry of education units that such youth – that every single local commander bent at the major level. They meet with this youth repeatedly until “rush”, adding that “the author usually not enlist, and we wrote them to Ethan” project blue “, where the air force displays them attractive inlay targets.”

“Each cycle were able to draft recruits per unit of several people, and no less important to save them.
The service “, said Colonel Saidye-ROM for working around the clock intensive training.
“We were able to put our officers, and some folks have already finished the job continue to maintain contact with the youth as a personal project. Thankfully there is even one young team.
That is before leaving the Commission, “concludes Colonel Saidye-ROM with pride.

Translated from Hebrew