The Commander of GoC army armored force occupies a central role in any fighting.

האלוף צור בלשכת הגיוס, אתמול. צילום: עמית שלומוביץ’

Hundreds of recruits to join the ranks of the armored Corps and began training at the shizafon base. Gen. Guy Tzur: “in an age where large and complex threats, you cannot win without armour.”

תאריך: 18/03/2013, 15:41    
מחבר: ניצן קינר, מז”י

Hundreds of new recruits arrived yesterday (Mon) to the emergency and Tel
On their way to guard armored Corps. Fresh recruits were meeting with the Commander of GoC Army Gen. Guy Tzur and the main armor officer Brig. Gen. Alireza zafrir.

“In an era where threats are large and complex, you can’t win without one of the troops was manipulated and main armored force,” said Gen. create you enlist one of the most important bodies in the complex challenges, but will stand in any mission. “

Armor recruits arrived yesterday to shizafon force in the country where the intensive training and start dating, training courses and eventually tank
P stage (class company team).

Translated from Hebrew