The Commander of GoC army headquarters, “artillery corps continues to be a leading firepower.”

Gunnery School continues to evolve and to train thousands of fighters, and will turn to artillery fire. The Commander of GoC army headquarters: “move and nshthell and technological system”

תאריך: 18/08/2013, 13:35    
מחבר: ברק גולדנברג, מז”י


As every year, this week commanding (tothanot school) training fair survey done in the plan year and future plans will be. Artillery corps, it occurred to visit, continues to lead in training. The Commander of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Gen. Guy Tzur, commanding the training fair. “There is creativity here, and see the results on the ground”, said Major General in his visit.
“We were facing threats and change accordingly. Artillery corps continues to be
Firepower, and we move forward and accurate system and nshthell technology, “he added.

Visiting the experiments and observations, survey General create training and training programs for thousands of students through the school gates and an olive tree planted in memory of the falling unit.
In addition, champion attended the visit the Commander of the artillery corps, Brig. Gen. Roy Riftin, and the base commander Colonel Itzik.

For two days, during the fair, a range of instructional personnel and workshops, education programs on training and in command. Training team
Which directory of thousands of warriors, Shaked in recent times of refreshing study programs and extracting the cuts. In addition, the team is the transfer of information and launched a new Web site aims to be a primary information tool. “Hard to be a good gunner just sitting and learning in the classroom,” explained the officer commanding, training Lieutenant Ron sterinski. “It’s not just books and teachings. We simulate them with the Simulator and how your enterprises, and try to simulate them in class mode, “he added.

Today it is apparent that the fair is very important for training commanding officers. “it’s very exciting,” said second lieutenant Naama and strange people, one of the training officers instead. “The guide is showing our capabilities and plans for the future. My goal and the team is to identify the gaps and problems in training and give a response, the second lieutenant and strange people.

The Commander of GoC army headquarters refers to both the river gains one strange people about women’s integration, and both development farther towards bind artillery. “We see more vigilance officers and intertwining force that has proven itself. We opened the other populations and force in the near future the school will make bind and grow, “said the champion.

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Translated from Hebrew