The Commander of GoC army headquarters: “present reality, strengthen intelligence collection capabilities”

Sami turgeman champion gave awards for excellence in arm units including Armored Division 401, which won in the category best fighting

תאריך: 03/01/2013, 15:30    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

Yesterday (Wednesday) awards ceremony Commander of GoC army headquarters. The ceremony.
Held in the Centre near the Latrun armor as part of the Conference program to land work for 2013, arm, Commander class champion Sammy turgeman. The prizes were awarded in several categories:
The power guidance process, effective training, technological innovation,
Efficiency, safety and fitness award. The winning units chose a Committee headed by the Division, Brig. Gen. Oren abman.

The most notable winners at the ceremony were paratroopers and armored Corps: paratroopers won both the prize power and safety award in coming (divisional training bases). In a paratroopers, American financial aid is considered the base has
The Israeli conditions, known as Luna-a. The reserve Brigade of paratroopers, fire arrows, won the reserve area in making effective training on the training Brigade in November-December 2011.

One of the most winning of Armored Division 401 in the gym. Division 7
Armored force also won in the category performing training for divisional training conducted in the Golan Heights. The desert patrol battalion, known as the “Bedouin, Geddes won first place in the safety category, it’s less than a month after he won the second place in the category of troops.

After the ceremony, including champion cent spoke congratulated the winners and referred to the challenges facing an upcoming year arm. “Today it is clear to us all that deep change, instability surrounding the area. In light of the changing situation in the Middle East, we must strengthen and diversify our intelligence-gathering capabilities, and survivability and lethality.

Translated from Hebrew