The Commander of GoC army headquarters: “we need more people with mtmarnot”

The Preinstallation Preparatory military school opened a meeting held with senior officers, including the Commander of GoC army headquarters, Gen. Sami turgeman. 2,800 students studying in 42 making

תאריך: 02/10/2012, 14:02    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Last week the preinstallation preparatory year military operations, joint meeting of preparatory programs with civilian and military officials.
The meeting was also attended by the Commander of GoC army headquarters, Gen. Sami turgeman and Chief personnel in care planning, Lt.-Col. Amir vadmani.

Today there are 42-military preparatory, 23 of them secular or mixed and 19 turns. This year opened with strengthening connection with the IDF, and among ourselves, “noted
The leaders added that “made and present Chairman of the Board of Trustees, major General (Res.) yiftah and major rontel from the vision, depth and work between the preparatory programs. Danny Zamir, Chairman of the Preparatory Board and indwelling Rabin explained that the main target made is a civil and military leadership. “The IDF topics we awake.
Engage them, and one of our hatmkdviot is a significant service for the girls, who are mental training course and in preparatory programs. We work together with the army so that receive focus and sorts the different paths that the Israel Defense forces need them, “Zamir.

The Commander of GoC Army: determination and faith in the righteousness of way – for most modern purposes

The Commander of GoC army headquarters, Gen. Sami turgeman, gave attendees an overview of the operational challenges facing the IDF, to emphasize the importance of redirecting the manpower and quality that comes from amchinot to.

Gen. turgeman referred to various developments in the fighting in the country’s borders. “The North has technology transfer and Iran-Syria axis Amal-Hizbollah
And is significant. Hezbollah is also strengthened in terms of training, training and construction elements of power, “said Colonel g. referring to the southern facade, noted that” there is an axis drawn
Training, skills transfer and training. Organizations that were relatively weak for a couple of years ago are in the process of intensification today. “

Meanwhile, Gen. turgeman to IDF fighters required attributes and the contribution made to décor. “Warrior’s determination and junior commanders, along with faith in the righteousness of way, they are a necessity. What will determine the outcome of the conflict is the quality of the ingredients, values warriors incompetence and ineptitude, “said the Commander of GoC army headquarters, adding that” I welcome the action and effort, a decidedly important work. ” Additionally, note that in preparation for the military, made up of Valence, Ensign and mental maturity, maturity and Zionism contributes greatly to the starting point of the fighters. “If I could get all the fighters to sow after ‘ preparation and integrating the interest as part of the training process continuously — I was a mark on it,” said Gen. turgeman.

In jointly made Laureate heads, Commander of GoC army headquarters ‘ operational needs.
The IDF in terms of staffing where there are gaps. Units that are first are mtmarnot units – Cavalry, artillery, engineering and combat the gathering, noted Gen. turgeman and added that “I’d like to see more people come
These units. People who come voluntarily to these places are, and example
And attract them to many. At the same time, it is important to aim high. towards leadership, and beyond, “said Gen. turgeman. Regarding women’s service in the Israel Defense Forces, the Commander of GoC army headquarters that have many functions and are significant for operations. “I’d like to see girls in command in the artillery corps and combat intelligence collection Corps. Also like .. positions or symbolic operations commanding and operational challenges timetable with holding a significant sector in Gaza or Egypt border, “concluded Maj. Gen. turgeman.

2,800 students in the military–made machnchot a significant army service

This year begin 2,800 students graduated from the military–made, and according to official figures recorded an increase of 10% compared to last year. For the first time opened the year making religion involved boys and girls, which will be called “Thunderbolt” extension. This is the only school designed to both boys and girls, and is based on the motto “Torah and work”.
The prep school was founded by the religious group and Herzog Center. Today, the first mhazora, has 25 students – 14 girls and 11 boys.

The military are made the educational framework for training youth for military service in full, many of whom come to combat units and voluntary and
Command and leadership courses. The apprentices to prepare is done in coordination with the IDF and of education and social responsibility alongside military and civilian leadership encouragement.

The various curricula prepare are dedicated to strengthening Jewish-Zionist identity, to examine issues like Israel, Israel, Zionism and democracy. Also,
An educated youth and people love the country and to foster loyalty and full commitment to them. All made running in conjunction and under the supervision of the Ministry of education and the Ministry of Defense. The IDF see importance in preparatory programs, which send their students to the military service, and ready, as well as set make a significant contribution to the IDF and the State.

Translated from Hebrew