The Commander of the air protection: “complex threats require an integrated response.”

Colonel Yoni in Sayeda array air defense fighters ב”אימון apparatus is connected, including the operational connection of several weapons systems and early warning

תאריך: 01/07/2012, 15:41    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת ורותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The Commander of air defense school (Al), Colonel, participated in Sayeda June week in missile defense Conference held in airport city. Colonel Sayeda referred to the topic in the age related training in the Tower, and shed light on the processes that moves the array else combines training and training.

“Today, the threat is more complicated and challenging than combat, which requires us to fight” integrated, said Colonel Sayeda and added that “we need to know to make optimally the Magna
And an attack against the threat, and bring people to high proficiency before arriving to fight. ” He said retinal combat is basic combat space for Tower array, and the array is required to adapt to technological changes, strategic and operational.
Very high change, which causes us to train fighters parallel construction process (r. p. – becoming operational) military equipment, “said Colonel Sayeda noting as an example the” iron dome “system, the tower was trained to use it before arrival.

The answer to all possible challenges in the form of a linked training – training in appropriate rhythms for skills and knowledge required in the combat units. “We are working on training for operational system, connect review systems, and fighter and perform training or training in these worlds,” said Colonel Sayeda. Linked training, reduces dependence on operational and training systems enhances operational flexibility.
Further advantages lie in improving the effectiveness of systemic coaching and training platform for the practice of integrated combat. “Coaching is connected enables leveraging of joint combat of several weapons systems and arms. I need to know to operate in accordance with,
So within a short time, launch of a mortar shell could transmit information to the home front command and moved the tmagnot instruction to citizens – I can put all the ingredients in the fighting, to simulate the real situation and follow the training gives you the total solutions, “explained Colonel Sayeda.

The training that is required for the tower that works in conjunction with many other entries. fit principles are actually in coaching mode, centric environment
And is linked with the world’s software training and integrated training of weapon systems, combined long arm. “The combat model works so that the individual coaching of skills benchmarking, training and operational training basics by elementary trainers,” said Colonel Sayeda. As an example of linked training mentioned training with Colonel Sayeda, used many systems at sea, on land and in the air. “As flown by the array should have an assessment shared with American General is possible thanks to the linked training,” explained
Colonel Sayeda. Another example is multilateral exercises carried out in zroais.

Finally, Colonel training in Sayeda between connectivity and optimal function when operational events. “This is the exhaustion of the world according to strategic change that we experience”, said Colonel Sayeda and added that “as we advanced in the modern challenges and air protection and the rate of change accelerates – we can cope is carried out through the world of connected”.

In his speech revealed that Colonel Sayeda first trainer system “iron dome” enters the world of training and training of air defence and another trainer “diamond” conspired to them soon. “Eventually, everything is done to better operational effectiveness,” concluded Colonel Sayeda.

Translated from Hebrew