The Commander of the Navy to Naval Academy graduates: move away from the spotlight.

סיום קורס חובלים, הערב. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Graduates return 124 of captains will fit in the Navy’s fighter and to staff the various tools

תאריך: 20/03/2012, 20:00    
מחבר: מתן גלין ומערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Tuesday) the Naval Academy graduation ceremony to 124, the naval training. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Deputy Chief of the General staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, Commander of the Navy, Aluf RAM Rothberg, senior staff officers of the Navy, graduating seniors, families and friends.
Adult mask exposed to fresh, they will be granted officer ranks. Future adults these days in the Navy’s fighter and to staff the various cruise ships, missiles, submarines and security tools.

Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg, told graduates that they will run away from the spotlight and the public eye. The victory is the purpose and you get it only if they act together. Contact able high operational and ready at any moment to charge in battle “.

Gen. Rothberg praised the officers-ending and said he was “proud of the personal tzlachtchn. However, he stressed that “as far as I’m concerned this is not a surprise. Navy ahead and open toward other officers and warriors down the road. “
The course finished
3 girls. Between course graduates 67 percent live in central Israel, 19% in the North and 14% in the South.
60% live in cities, 22% live in communal villages, 10% live in seats and 8% live in kibbutzim. 40% to real trends, 35% of graduates have incorporated between professions
The humane Sciences and 10% studied in humane tendencies.

56% of the course graduates were in youth before the draft, including: 33% of the audience “, 3% of” sea Scout “, 11% of the seats, 7% in Bnei Akiva movement,” 7% “Young Marshal”, 14% of hanoar haoved vehalomed, 3% of Hashomer Hatzair, 7% in the agricultural union movement “and 3%” young instructors.
5% of graduates of the course are not born in the country.

“To the captains

With captains receiving tonight include sea officer pin and Tom, who began his military service as green warriors — and decided at some point to join
The Navy.

The Commander of the Navy to Naval Academy graduates: move away from the spotlight.

(Photo: URI Barkat, “bamahane”)

Dawn began his career at the Division, which continued after נח”ל in service on behalf of the movement” hanoar haoved vehalomed. Together with his comrades he was recruited into the core Noah battalion parachute regiment, 50. But it’s hard to think about military service more enjoyable than with friends, Dawn was missing something else. “I had a great time with friends from the nucleus, but I wanted to make myself better. Captains course gave me a lot of the dishes couldn’t get infantry service, “said dawn to locate.

During boot camp, Dawn decided to fold the bag and leave his tent alone.
He made great efforts and desirable course. Anyway, you won’t miss the gala ceremony of Dawn’s place, that he can guarantee.

The story of Tom, a little different. He joined the class captains, but left in one of the first stages. The course required long stays outside and Tom, he wanted to be closer to his patient, and others. He reached ה”ירוקים” and most of the mandatory service made Sabra battalion of the Givati Brigade. His training as a warrior finish in relatively warm period in preparation for operation “cast lead”. But Tom grace male youth. “At one point I wanted to go and strived for more leadership,” says Tom. At this time the service was very difficult to restart the captains, especially after I left him, but Tom
Did the effort required. “I haven’t given up. There were many wars so I can return.
Here I learned to know myself, things I didn’t think I could take them, “he says.

What has two fresh captains sample live mud to say about the terms? The answer
Was unanimous. “The captains course much more difficult and demanding,” they say, “the amount of work and responsibility have increased more so than when fought to a time when trained to command a ship. Class and demand greater than yourself. “

Israeli naval background.

Israeli naval volunteer course is two years old and four months.
The course includes four stages, ending up devices to mate and Captain positions.
At the basic cadets basic okanim field, where military basic habits and skills in operating vessels. This step includes many journeys, physical exertion and cruises. In addition, cadets are split for certification according to the different trends (white, machine and electronics).

Then, in the advanced stage, the cadets know the security value of the Navy, training vessels, warlike experience and command talented. At the end of the phase
Given them a control PIN.

The third stage is the stage of the Academy, where cadets complete a college degree in one of three areas: ants, political science or economics and business administration. The final stage
He is the acquire dedicated him the theoretical training cadets and officers did shift on missile ship or submarine. This phase concentrates on fighting in the maritime sector, learning theory and the independent sailing systems, electronics and machine intelligence.

Translated from Hebrew