“The concept of success sufficient operational.”

הנשק המאולתר בו השתמש המחבל. צילום: דו”ץ.

Kfir fighters from Nachshon caught last night the terrorist who shot towards keep. The Company Commander: “admire the event sharply ‘

תאריך: 14/01/2013, 10:45    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת ומערכת אתר צה”ל

Nahshon battalion “warriors” of the Kfir Brigade captured yesterday a.m. (b) Palestinian bomber who carried out the shooting at the Jewish settlement of migdal oz. The company commander
That helps, which caught the bomber, told IDF website that “the soldiers in an ambush several hours to catch the bomber, admire the whole event in a very sharply, as they did in the past months due to global warming.

The company commander who dominates cut the Etzion, Captain Ali Edri, said recently, after “pillar”, heard gunshots several times because the village of Beit Fajjar, toward the Jewish settlement of migdal Oz, and thrown toward the settlement several times petrol bombs and stones. For this reason the company has over the past few weeks, ambushes and daily observations, based on information gathered from recent events to find the cause and prevent disturbances.

“On Sunday, made from an ambush force of several hours when other forces would force the pursuit of,” noted Captain MEADS. “Suddenly gunfire towards the village. The shooting came from the dead space of the observation and pursuit force identified a man running and holding an improvised weapon in his hand. ”
Described, “the man didn’t notice and actually ran toward him, and within a few seconds the storm toward the bomber and ordered him to stop and he stopped by, when he is about ten meters from the force. With their arrest reached the area security forces and transferred to the interrogation.

“It is an ambush by soldiers is ambushed they make on a daily basis, and it played very much,” said Captain Edri, but noted that “the soldiers were sharp and professional.
A seizure activity serves as an operational success, provides, that proves the work of
In company. He added that the company is working in a very intense lately, and soldiers deployed all along the route to prevent throws stones and Molotov cocktails were thrown at soldiers from shbmkabil, were wounded during riots in recent weeks. Three weeks ago, found the company of scanning in one of the villages, some improvised weapons and weapons.

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Majid Abdulhadi, Lieutenant Colonel Shai Shemesh, said yesterday that “in recent times was the increase of terrorist incidents in the area, firing at the bus, settlers and troops. Consequently, we initiated activities and caught the night bomber. He said the bomber carried out firing at the settlement of several tens of meters. The battalion’s strength and additional forces caught the bomber with an improvised weapon that offered
The shooting. The bomber was captured unharmed and handed over to security forces. It is a Palestinian resident of the nearby village of Beit Fajr.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Sun, “suspect caught red-handed, he tried to get rid of his weapons and stopped after
A 10-year-old pursuit, in a small area between the communities. ” He said that if the detainee is not yet known about the additional firing carried out toward the guard position and bus.

Translated from Hebrew