“The cooperation between the air force em to irogieth injuries.”

The southern command successfully conclude the latest round of escalation in Gaza: “we were able to detect and thwart terrorist activities, and quickly.”

תאריך: 22/03/2012, 10:40    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The latest escalation in the South by close cooperation and effective between the air force and intelligence that led to the attacks of irogit and successful terrorist infrastructures in the Gaza Strip – a summary of a recent escalation in southern command.

The southern command summarizes these days of escalation, which brought a sense of empowerment from IDF deterrent against Palestinian Jihad and Hamas and quickly launching squads before the shooting and hitting them. Meanwhile, the Israeli side noted success in the few injuries on citizens as well as the relatively low impact of the Palestinians impossible.

“We were able to close circles of squads for launching mortar shells and rockets, or after launch, quickly,” said the IDF site Commander of the Gaza division attack, major.
1. “Our attacks were very good in total of the round, we were able to detect and thwart terrorist contacts activity,” explained.

The reason for this success is due to the overall cooperation between the intelligence and air force southern command, using the Intel option. “The attacks on terrorist squads, especially of the Islamic world, was significant. Although relatively fired.
Many rockets and mortar shells into Israel territory but in the long run we were able to hit well to commit, “said major.

Meanwhile, the damage to bystanders on the Palestinian side the IDF there himself to avoid stress as much as possible, as indeed happened. According to major, the violation of this type is that the IDF does not want to offend him and trying to avoid as much as possible. “This escalation we tried
Corrupt places or where rockets were spotted suspicious movement, but think twice before in any assault case of bystanders.

Meanwhile, the IDF’s preparedness for the next round – improved. An incremental escalation together experience and superior level event to event. “The goal is to keep the sector,
Firing on Israeli citizens and Israel as possible terrorists. I think there’s Division who to trust and be ready next escalation even more, “said major.

Translated from Hebrew