The Corps testing mobile bunkers protect the front fighters

הבונקרים החדשים. צילום: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The end to the PAC? New bunkers can be fast in the field are tested by engineering. Posts can be assembled in space and used the soldiers and facility protection stations

תאריך: 30/07/2012, 15:54    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The way to produce bags: new bunkers for quick Assembly area subjects these days by the engineering corps. This is a position may, warriors can build deep in enemy territory, and used the soldiers and facility protection position.

“Power manoeuvre on the battlefield to reach his destination and plan to hold for a period of time, need protection against fire is expected to absorb during his presence in the diamond,” the IDF site in the רמ”ד Corps, Maj. Andras Shankar. “The new solution
We examine will promote protection of the soldiers “.

The new bunkers that are tested are made by “Judas” networks (the company that produces the “Hourglass”, set in Egypt border – Ltd.) and are referred to as “Judean fortress.” The main advantages lay in how quickly and easily you can put them back on. Old protection facilities used by the IDF for this purpose, manufactured by the British company, HESCO to build needed
Bounce to bulldozers and engineering tools. “The bunker could build new Infantry Division shortly, no matter what. Any part that can lift by two
People It is huge benefit in no time and without outside help the Warriors are completely protected the relevant threat, “explained Maj. Shankar. The bunker also has new features enhanced Engineering I enhance the quality of protection against a variety of rockets and mortar shells.

The bunker bin immune, which based troops will apply independently or bulldozers. The baskets can ship to the location of the road forces, or drop them using the advanced capabilities developed in, among other things, that allows precise GPS-based hit. Last week conducted an operational trial alien siege for Judah. “The experiment was a success,” explained רמ”ד fortifications. “The bunker all actions stand in terms of stability and durability against spray.

During cast lead purchased 18 bunkers HESCO produce as well as 3 position shooting, and that subjects can complete among strengthen capabilities and increase their availability and thus result in front of forces will shape immediately stood to defend the soldiers fire enemy. “We will reinforce interest in the professional area,” concluded Maj. Shankar.

Translated from Hebrew