The cruise must go on.

צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

סטי”ל Commander who disappeared in the middle of the night at sea or a inflatable boat explodes.
The Warriors practice sets sailing where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. This increases the squadron 3 mental strength of warriors

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מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

At night, the high seas, killed the Commander of missile boat when nobody notices. The Warriors, who used to uniform and precise function, are required to cope with loss — both emotional and on the operation of the ship and the duration of the task. Command, and grabbing the Division officers lead the warriors. No matter what happens on the ship.
The task should be carried out.

This scenario used the flotilla sets new exercise designed to enhance the emotional strength of serving in the Navy 3. Unlike civilians, combatants should be prepared that something could happen to them or to their teammates at any moment, “says the squadron’s three organizations, major Ronnie oak.

The exercise lasts two days and put the Warriors in front of extreme situations that can occur on the high seas. “We tried to free the soldiers and officers from the akivon routine may cause
Them, Maj. Ronny “We wanted to show them they are able to function well even when something unusual happens, even when very tired and scared.

What happens when Bill’s sailboat caught fire off fishing by explosive brick?

The scenarios rehearsed literalists, but very realistic. During the exercise, seven ships were sailing in any point of the day or night, they’re going to have to deal with the incident. “Our scenario example is raft with blast
Explosive brick, “says Maj. Ronny “The boat seemed a fishing boat from Lebanon crossed the border. The fighters know this case function is to check the vessel’s intentions, but they used it in the boat that was wrong or was just trying to test your patience.
They used the bombing exercise, surprise them “.

One of the goals of the exercise was to make fighters think of inaction, and to work on automatic. “The exercise simulates better the reality that could include
Fatigue, burnout and extreme conditions. Before the exercises tested mainly technical and tactical operating “, said Maj. Ronnie. “We need to practice situations where people are significant and critical to the functioning of the boat are killed or injured, situations that require abandonment of ship etc.

“It is important to remember that asti is large and vulnerable at sea, including manpower,” adds Maj. Ronny “The control of the craft is the cornerstone to your security.
As soon as even one thing doesn’t work-it is very hard to combat. “

“This leads to a feeling of strength and able among servants”

A month after this exercise was a comprehensive processing workshop and drawing conclusions.
“We took all the exercise and produced films that showed officers how they and their subordinates functioned,” explains Maj. Ronny “Everyone understood the importance of practicing. This led
Not only that these things can happen, but also a feeling of strength and a very strong efficacy among servants “.

During the workshop raised commanders need to practice extreme scenarios frequently, resulting in similar scenarios will also be ongoing training. “We want to continue to maintain the element of surprise, so we do it according to the feeling of having a Navy and a warning in advance,” says Maj. Ronny

Translated from Hebrew