The delegation of Japan to successfully treated a local baby

צילום:דובר צה”ל

Sanah, 11 months old baby Japanese home destroyed in the tsunami, addressed
IDF Japan clinic after suffering an eye infection. Dozens of Japanese already have comprehensive medical care by clinic staff. Watch footage from Japan

תאריך: 30/03/2011, 16:04    
מחבר: נדב שטראוכלר ונאור ליב, שליחי דובר צה”ל ליפן

This morning (Wednesday) reached an 11-year-old sanah, Japanese baby months home destroyed in the tsunami disaster, accompanied by her grandmother to the IDF’s experts in sanrico inyami. Sanah, who suffers from eye infection, was treated at the clinic by Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Amit Assa, a pediatrician, and Lt. Col. Orly Weinstein, a captain and assisted in the glitter, sister idner clinic.

Sanah’s grandmother and crew received an explanation of follow up and invited for inspection.
At the clinic in two days. Also loaded with diapers and grandparents toys for the infant.

Besides the sanah arrived in Japan Clinic patients with various medical problems have received comprehensive medical response by a professional team of on-site medical herb and medicine, with the assistance of interpreters, and.

With the opening of the morning session was coordinated between the doctor’s Office in the city, the Mayor and the head of the Israeli delegation to Japan, General Shalom Ben-Arieh.

Editing: MOR Levin

Translated from Hebrew