The delegation of Nepal aid: rescue helicopters were searching for the missing Israeli light asraf

בית חולים שדה. צילום: דובר צה”ל

15 Israeli hikers were brought to the camp IDF delegation || The delegation has about 260 officers and regular soldiers and reserves, and major efforts are focused on saving lives, providing medical assistance and the restoration of the House.

תאריך: 01/05/2015, 17:11    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

The delegation of Nepal aid: rescue helicopters were searching for the missing Israeli light asraf

Deposit the Nepal earthquake on Saturday and continues to hit its mark
In the area, having claimed thousands of victims and created a noise change. 7.9 magnitude earthquake was the strongest country 81 years. On the 27.04.15 leaves to aid delegation of Nepal, and includes the HFC forces and medical corps. The delegation will help in the effort to save the lives of victims of the disaster.

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10. first time in a field hospital in Nepal took place yesterday. “Bring us during late afternoon having a nearby hospital.
Being injured in the Quake and could function and to analyze it, “said a specialist in gynecology to deliver the baby, major Dr. song Dr “It’s a good feeling of satisfaction and excitement.”


10:17 am-3 days reduced the number of Israelis “notheci” than 250 individuals. These moments made efforts to contact the missing soldiers. “We are working in order to connect to other Israelis, would turn broken effect rescue our domain,” said delegation leader, Colonel Yoram to survive.
“This morning we initiated field hospital treating victims of the disaster, in addition to the rescue efforts and the success of life.”

The delegation of Nepal aid: rescue helicopters were searching for the missing Israeli light asraf

The first birth in the hospital field in Nepal. Photo: IDF

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7:50-assistance mission in Nepal opened its doors this morning.
Of a field hospital from Israel milking stations. The hospital will provide medical care for about 200 patients a day, from all over Nepal and other hospitals. The hospital relies on independent infrastructure, including 50 tons of medical equipment and a variety of medical departments run by 125 medical personnel are professional and experienced.


17:56-IDF’s aid delegation is currently in the process of establishing a field hospital, while the home front command representatives working to rescue survivors throughout the disaster scene. The delegation particularly efforts to help civilians instead.

The delegation of Nepal aid: rescue helicopters were searching for the missing Israeli light asraf

The search and rescue activity today. Photo: IDF

7:53 — during the night and this morning landed safely all planes of aid delegation in Nepal. 260 soldiers and officers will begin in the next few hours in search and rescue operations. A delegation of about 60 tonnes of medical and logistical supplies and expected landing delegation to begin the task of establishing a field hospital
The future of Israel and milking stations give professional medical care to victims of the disaster.

“Landed a few minutes after a very long flight of 19 hours. This is a very complicated flight with intermediate landings, “said Coordinator of international organizations in the home front command, Colonel (Ret.) age. “Our goal was to reach as soon as possible to start and to help in the rescue, and in establishing the hospital. The most important thing is to save some lives.
Possible “.


11. a short time ago the first plane landed in Kathmandu and the IDF’s aid delegation later tonight to land four more aircraft.

8:15 pm-assistance mission on behalf of teleprocessing makes her way in these hours to the disaster area in Nepal, where she is expected to join the forces home front command and medical corps. The delegation consists of the battalion troops Joint Chiefs of breastplate, and its role in space will be the production and operation of a satellite link with Israel, that would provide for the power of the Israeli search and rescue communications services, such as mobile phone and Internet access, and video. This is a critical means for its operation and the success of the expedition.
“Unfortunately we’re trained for this kind of mission,” explained head of the ICT אג”ם, Colonel Yariv. “The main challenge is to get to the place that our basic assumption is that destroyed infrastructure and electricity, and produce it infrastructures at the highest level that you can serve them.”

With the landing forces in Battalion soldiers apal, connect the IDF forces in the central area of Israel with satellite communications. Moreover, with the establishment of a military hospital in the area, will be deployed an extensive internal communications network that will be used to create coordination in handling all the pieces extracted from the clinic, and external network that will allow the dialogue with the country, hospitals and professional consultations with specialists in the country using voice and video calls.
In addition, the forces will ensure the durable and the platform of the rescue forces in the field.
Assembled on site, so they can adjust their work best. (Ashlyn Halperin, IDF website)

1:16 pm-shortly before taking off from Ben Gurion Airport, civilian aircraft and medical personnel who conspired to IDF delegation makes its way to the scene of the disaster in Nepal as we speak.

In the next few hours to fly from Ben-Gurion Airport civil aircraft and about 50 tons of supplies, mostly medical supplies, which will be used by the delegation providing rescue and uses in treating victims of the disaster. After these planes completed IDF delegation rule port towards the target, Kathmandu that have headsets and webcams.

New Zealand night returned from Kathmandu eleven Israelis, among them three weeks olds “We have the know-how and experience, but mostly the commitment to bring the residents of the State of Israel,” said Nachshon Squadron commander סא״ל. (Air force)

The delegation of Nepal aid: rescue helicopters were searching for the missing Israeli light asraf

Photo: IDF

10:03 am-Commander of the expedition, Colonel Yoram to survive, the Israelis are “heseg. “The idea is to arrive and start to contact them,” he said. “This is a team committed to it. This is not the first time that Israel is taking a delegation of that magnitude, but there’s another element to it. Right to be there and help those who are in distress.

In addition, the delegation will help rescue people trapped in the rubble. “The scale of destruction and casualties, said the Colonel. “To help people in need is part of DNA
Our national. I think it raises moral and humanitarian values “. (Opens carmeli, IDF website)

9. IDF planes took off a short time ago to Nepal. This is the first operational mission of ה”שמשון aircraft,” air force received a year ago.
The planes will land at Kathmandu in 12 hours.


PM Air Force also takes part in the assistance to Nepal, and medical forces of air medical unit (ירפ”א), the various bases and the evacuation and rescue unit 669 (669) preparing for the flight. “We’re going to help everything possible,” said Chief Aviation fly clinic and in charge of the delegation from the air force, Maj. Yael Frankel. “From the moment the order last night we invested great efforts
So we can get as soon as possible together with skilled assistance provisions relevant for the place. “

Head of preventive medicine at the unit, Maj. Elad, scheduled to go on the first relief expedition. “All participants in the delegation are medical professionals who are experienced and who have experience,” he said. “The media is so highly developed that already a few minutes after the catastrophe began to make pictures
Communications, so that we know what to expect and we are preparing for that. ” (Naomi Goldsmith,
Air force)

20. the airstrip problems in Kathmandu, there is currently no assessment as to the planes that land type instead. At this point the expedition will be delayed by about 12 hours.

40. the Commander of the home front command, Maj. Gen. Joel starik, briefing the delegation exists. “This ‘ image is an image request, I guess on the timeline, with the times, is a more complex image ttachoore,” he said. “The most important task for a first-class certificate respect the people of Israel, Israel, Israel Defense Forces HomeFront command, and everyone involved.”

6. at the end of this briefing, OC champion Joel starik, Chief Medical Officer, Brigadier General Dr. Dudu, with all the members of the delegation. The champion referring to starik efforts of the delegation — life-saving medical assistance, and the Israelis are now “heseg.”
Home It also noted that he was impressed by starik champion of rigorous preparation, a sense of mission and a long professional experience of this type of assistance missions.

The delegation is expected to establish a field hospital, which includes professional medical departments, such as surgical Department, obstetrics, Pediatrics, women, x-rays, hospitalization and premature births Department shattered by. The classes run by medical personnel, including doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, pharmacists, mental health professionals, x-ray and laboratory workers tchnii. The delegation has about 260 officers and regular soldiers and reserves, including about 60 tons of medical and logistical supplies.

3:51 pm-rescue and medical officials continue to prepare for a flight to Kathmandu, I go out tonight. “Our goal is to save lives,” said k. Hugessen is settled in the home front command, Maj. Rohit. “The IDF sent already power pioneer released yesterday and is expected to give us the status of space needed medically and rescue assistance.

He said the delegation join the force and join the work. “It’s a real mission to help another country, because people are in distress,” shared major Edri.
“We’ll help the Israelis who are there, and we know we need help and assistance.

2:20 pm-a delegation of 260 people will depart at 10:30 at night the area. “The delegation will be tasks to invest effort in locating SWAT and set up a field hospital. Also, the Act of contacting Israeli notheci “, said Chief of Nepal expedition, Colonel Yoram to survive.

“The hospital that first effort, and the organization is trying to save lives,” said the Colonel. Construction of the hospital takes about 12 hours to early ahatmkamot.
“Approximately 200 will be in therapy”, elaborated.

The delegation of Nepal aid: rescue helicopters were searching for the missing Israeli light asraf

Preparations for the expedition. Photo: IDF

9:57 am-on the way to Kathmandu: pioneer צה”לית delegation left during the night for the earthquake scene in Nepal. The force appointed six experts from the fields of medical and rescue, which includes senior officers of the home front command and medical corps and a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
“We went out tonight to see Nepal pioneer power how to help cope with the damage from the earthquake,” said the Commander, Lt. Col. (Ret.) Sammy Yehezkel. Always “command.
The report of disaster areas, and we see that a full mission.

The purpose of the force is evaluating the extent of assistance required in an area, and the size of the disaster, the consolidation of the situation and the best answer that can be given of the State of Israel using Israeli based on perceptions of the team, the decision to build a dedicated task force, scope and principles. Accordingly, and with the political echelon, the force will arrive and receive an Israeli delegation.

The future force reductions, when intending to get a plane further assistance today with equipment and teams according to demand. “The transport squadrons already performed rapid assessments to aid all over the world,” said Brig. Gen. night lihu Hacohen, base
Nevatim Israeli air force website. “This is our duty and privilege to help wherever needed to save lives.”

In last October’s delegation left for Nepal medical teams and psychology after 29
People have been killed in an avalanche in the Himalayas snow. Among the Israelis killed were also
Captain Tamar Ariel, navigates the first religious battle. Psychology teams engaged in providing assistance for coping with trauma to the young men who were in life-threatening situations and those who lost their friends.

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