The Department: the F35 provides us deterrence capability of pushing the Middle East

דובר צה”ל

Ido nehoshtan Nam National Security Conference and stressed that in the field of missile interception, IDF invents the wheel: we don’t have a role model, this is a task that is not
Simple “

תאריך: 26/05/2011, 11:45    
מחבר: אביחי חיים

“IDF should be the first to adapt to the changing realities in the Middle East”, he said yesterday (Wednesday), the Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan, a national security conference in Herzliya at air force. The air force commander said the survey the security reality in the coming years, which according to the saturation of many many challenges
More than ever before.

Nehoshtan explained that the intensification of terrorist organizations declaring their intention to destroy Israel, the IDF to short range defense systems as possible.
“On the other side know the benefits of IDF and tries repeatedly to thwart our actions”, said Air Force Commander, who said that nonetheless caught the air force “as a powerful force in Israel.

The Commander of the air force added the threat of missiles and rockets, which the air force placed the challenge of protecting settlements in Israel. “I am glad to say that developing advanced defense systems, such as” iron dome “that has achieved a significant accomplishment that was escalation
Two months ago in Gaza. The defense is expanding today that we need to intercept missiles and rockets with a range of 60 seconds and less. Defense development will allow the Israeli army to attack and ease the pressure on Israel and attacks on civilian strategic facilities because no
The enemy could currently occupy space in Israel. ”

Nehoshtan set in that the different arms in the IDF must maintain
Coordination is much higher than before, in order to create a unified front against terrorism and accurately. ” He said, ” We’re doing everything we can to establish contact with various arms in the IDF “in air, sea and land. Israeli technology produces many weapons are better, more accurate and more Israeli. ” A Department demonstrates this fact.
And he says, ” because the plane went ” (UN) is the backbone of the air force and flight hours are longer than other Nations ” in the new world. But it’s important for me to emphasize that the ” achtb never will replace planes in addition because the person’s abilities and especially teisino’s almost inhuman and we are proud of it. ”

In summary words addressed the SM to the IDF’s new, upgraded F35 fighter plane, which is he intimidating force didn’t exist in the Middle East.
The aircraft provides a springboard of battle and we hope it will come soon to air force bases in the ‘ l ‘. “The plane will provide a springboard for air combat capabilities,
That deterrence force in manufacturing unusual for Israel. The air force currently has a decisive weight than ever how to cope with the changing situation in the Middle East. “

Translated from Hebrew