The departments commanders living laser izzoiido-meter to improve shooting accuracy

The new measures, the size of a pack of cigarettes, is expected to significantly improve shooting skills and is embedded in one of the lessons of operation cast lead

תאריך: 17/04/2012, 15:11    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Every Warrior knows the situation: power walking between houses in the village when sound reading “otklano, both are dirty, 300 meters. In practice, however, not always the enemy is indeed a holes. Today, ranges that were announced when the faults were made out of intuition, there were significant irregularities and massive weapons by entering an exact number not struck ultimately. To meet the need of operational
In the spotter, and the lessons of cast lead, these days are starting to get all the departments commanders living in laser rangefinder-t.

This is a device resembling a small binoculars, weighs about 200 g, this officer to check the target distance and angle it is. “This is a cheap product, cigarettes, just doing my job. The from looking, getting away from the target, Slingshot or mtolist-tuned and offensive. This would lead to a significant improvement in capabilities, “said the site
The IDF fighter weaponry Department equipment רמ”ד of GoC army headquarters, Maj. Jason glester.

New FX will allow, through measuring the time it takes for a laser beam that he lived to reach the goal, to give an accurate term for the distance of a mile and he gets all warriors class. The selected model is manufactured by Opti-Logics.

This is not a single development in combat forces soon to improve in-field these days end in GoC army tender to check flashlight (flashlight sparkle),
I dressed for combat helmets and allow improved command and control in the field, with a significant reduction of the risk of two-sided fire. “We have been after an operational test
Successful “, said רמ”ד battle gear that’s important. “

The light blinks as needed in seven colours, including using infrared. You can change
The range which illuminates the light according to operational needs. “This tool will enter effectively
And significant for night fighting, the commander knew exactly where his Warrior “, said Maj. glester.

Translated from Hebrew