The Director’s

The famous film director, Alexander socorov, arrived to the International Film Festival in Haifa and insisted on seeing the Kfir Brigade fighters cut the Etzion

תאריך: 04/10/2012, 22:20    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Nahshon battalion commanders and soldiers of the Kfir Brigade, received a surprise visit this week: between rounds, reached base in Etzion Russian film director, Alexander socorov, who is in the last few days with a visit to Israel to mark the International Film Festival in Haifa, and insisted to come and meet IDF fighters.

Socorov, which just last Saturday won an award for excellence in film at the Festival in Haifa, is a Russian film director whose many documentaries, top 100 directors. He is considered a leading opinion in Russia, particularly in the fields of culture and film, directed by 1970s and already received numerous prestigious awards.

When he was invited to the Festival, said socorov that one of the conditions for his arrival will visit a military base. As a family with a military background, socorov bases in the Soviet Union, and in this capacity attended many other armies. Socorov said that his many audio and image in the world, is IDF of a strong army and serious, so felt a desire to visit.

The visit, he met the famous Director with fighters and commanders from the Nahshon, and especially the soldiers who raised themselves from Russia and how they adapt to the company’s operational. battalion, major Maxim Alexandrovich socorov, said that the soldiers heard on operational challenges and challenges faced with routine operational fighters and soldiers were very excited about meeting the person educated which interested them.
“In may, is very serious and active, therefore the meeting was for the soldiers who are now in line breaking interesting routine,” said Captain Alexandrovich.

Translated from Hebrew