The discount for stringent punishment in cases of exception information security managers

הרמטכ”ל, רא”ל בני גנץ. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz instruct IDF soldiers and commanders to retain maximum against leaked information to the Web and social networks: “confidential information that is protected from allowing the enemy to disrupt IDF operations”.

תאריך: 12/02/2013, 13:26    
מחבר: הרמטכ“ל, רא“ל בני גנץ

At present we are we do in between the wars, and deal with a variety of security challenges, including fighting the war ה”רכה-consciousness and information warfare.

Over the years, information superiority is a significant component in the IDF’s ability to win in different systems. An important advantage lies in the possibility to produce high-quality intelligence on image
The enemy, as well as prevent ability to obtain information about values.

In recent years, due to the accelerated development of the technology, which allows information flow
Widely and rapidly than ever before, IDF based increasingly on intelligence-based warfare, which transferred more and more classified many factors. A result, the potential lies in the internal ב”איום”, while the enemy Tower recognize the potential vulnerability of the IDF, IDF based more and more on technology to run weapons and battle management. Therefore, the efforts and resources in increasing capacity to collect information regarding the core values.

The technology revolution requires us to internalize and instills that pkodino all
“Smart” phone (Smartphone) may be used as a wire and wire; All the information found on the Web, especially social networks, leaving the IDF is exposed; And confidential information
That is not protected properly allows the enemy to disrupt IDF operations and human life.

The IDF is operating in a variety of ways to thwart enemy efforts to gather information on him. Meanwhile, we must remember that the human factor may be a weakness in this regard – all serve in the army revealed classified information could be leaked pipeline, even if inadvertently, classified information that will allow the enemy to harm the State of Israel.

The second Lebanon war, as determined by the Winograd report, information security level was poor. E. adherence to security procedures and contact information for non-classified
There was authorized. The lessons process requires us to continue to enhance security culture alone, as the basis for maintaining freedom of action.

As officers, we are the key information nodes and very sensitive information accessible.
I call on you to lead the involvement of weighting information security practices and implement security culture units with intensive instruction on intelligence threat and its meaning. At the same time, I’m off on disciplinary worse in cases of exception information security managers.

Information is power – keep the power in the hands of the IDF.

Translated from Hebrew