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דובר צה”ל

Teams of medical corps exported abroad to encourage overseas doctors to immigrate to Israel to join the army during the intended to increase the quota to military doctors

תאריך: 21/07/2008, 22:38    
מחבר: אלעד שלו

A special delegation of medical corps in September close to South America in order to recruit physicians to serve in the IDF, as part of an overall trend to encourage the rise of Jewish physicians, in order to increase the quota to military doctors.

The move, which was made with the assistance of the Center for immigrant, designed to narrow the gap in military doctors currently in force and is expressed mainly in the lack of 20 battalions area doctors. Delegations are expected to leave a couple of times during the year to medical centers throughout the world, especially South America, aiming to persuade physicians to immigrate to Israel and to experience a challenging and unique service. “We recruit physicians from around the world. Today, only five percent of doctors serving in the IDF made aliyah in order to enlist in the army and we intend to change that, “explained Chief human resources medical corps, Lieutenant Colonel cuff Neely.

For the past three years faced medical corps with a shortage of doctors and nurses, particularly in the medical field. The move to raise the doctors want is another Gospel
Moves you make in the effort to increase the amount of military doctors. Recently posted that specialize in universities and the military doctors who choose to sign a permanent service in the army, is deployed, will grant refunds on 50,000 shekels or funding.
A two-year internship at the expense of the army. So far not yielded fruit move and now considering a force facing managers of hospitals, to provide the full six years for free to residents who choose to go to track field medicine during the expertise. The aim is that the only hospital to pay a student internship, years are shmtuko by medical corps. Cuff added that Colonel, “this can’t be including, but
The hospitals where they will benefit from specialized and experienced emergency medical capabilities.
The intern will save hundreds of thousands of dollars and medical corps can substantially increase the quota to doctors.

At the same time opened the year with another that allows permanent personnel, regardless of previous health, Subscribe to reserve track. In return undertake permanent members to three years additional permanent, funded them school and receive assistance in paying the rent. So far recorded 45 soldiers and officers of the army exam and
The close results of wind. “We are doing everything to narrow the gaps in the hierarchy deployed and I believe that these moves will help us overcome this issue,” Col. cuff talk.


Translated from Hebrew