The Druze Chief: brother kissing you full partners in securing peace for the country.

The Druze Nabi holiday, which ooiab, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz to the Druze community members serving in the IDF: “Let’s add even more and the unique ties between us.”

תאריך: 24/04/2013, 12:54    
מחבר: רא”ל בנימין (בני) גנץ

IDF soldiers and commanders, the Druze community members,

The shbatam of the first Druze warriors in the midst of the liberation, the young fighters vow: “as long as I’m helping as a volunteer for Israel’s war of independence in his country, I swear by God and commit them to undertake, unconditionally and without reservation, a burdens borrowing of Israel Defense Forces. That this oath, the clearer and the masorah, is an important milestone in the relationship between the Druze IDF, which in turned into a strong bond and we witnessed today.

The scene in the First Nations lies far in the Bible, the encounter between Moses-Jethro his father-in-law to. Since then, and over 65 years of independence of the State of Israel-Haim two peoples sharing life, respect and mutual esteem, and in our hearts we all pray that this relationship will be a role model for the region.

Brother in arms,

To himtchm shoulder-to-shoulder with soldiers, even when unequivocal goal is before-safety of the State of Israel, is a source of pride. You’re full partners
In the continuing effort to ensure the welfare of the State of Israel. This is strong evidence of bad relations.
Forming the IDF units, along with the courage and dedication of the members
The Druze community.

Names of Committee members not npkadm from the Interior of the IDF today we too.
Created for the memory of the fallen of the Druze community. Legacy of heroism are more complicated and grazing our Kiss add to anachotheno against our enemies in hopes of peace in our country.
We stand to the right of the bereaved families, happy days, and though the hazken and Nahman hatmoddotan bereavement in pain.

On the occasion of the Prophet Shu’ayb holiday I wish you on behalf of the IDF, happy holiday. May add to tighten and strengthen even more the unique ties between the two Nations.

Translated from Hebrew