The Druze Regiment test new warfare techniques against Hezbollah in intense exercise

התרג”ד של “חרב”, שבוע שעבר. צילומים: טל ברקו ועידן סונסינו, דובר צה”ל

The new technique is based on the experience gained in the sector “sword” battalion, and first tested in a realistic combat spend smoke in Lebanon. In Thunder: “learn all the IDF battalion how to fight Hezbollah effective

תאריך: 07/03/2013, 11:49    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Battalion “sword”,
The Druze battalion gained many years of experience in the Lebanon region operations. During the war in 2006, for example, he was the first to cross the border, and the last to return, exhausted from numerous operations cleared him in shadow due to the rich operational experience in their sector, he also received the first slogan “Lebanon border, in fighting technique developed to fight against Hezbollah last week attempted to exercise intense brigades first.

“The fighting in Lebanon requires using a heavy wall of slow progress of the troops,” the IDF website, battalion commander Lt. Col. Shadi Abu fares, operational requirements to reach the fighting forces due to the methods of the Hezbollah, including heavily. “To fight against the enemy in Lebanon the right way, we took the existing technique in fighting today in open areas and made the adjustments. With learning from experience of the regiment and of understanding of what awaited us the next time we were able to develop a better and more efficient technique.

The Druze Regiment test new warfare techniques against Hezbollah in intense exercise

As part of a routine written in summary document that shows the technique and sent to Israeli officials to help continue construction of the total combat doctrine against terrorist organization. “Regimental sword to teach all the IDF how to fight Hezbollah, said effective at the end of the exercise, the Commander of the brigade responsible for the Regiment, Colonel sector score.

“There’s a need to make adjustments but this technique has proven itself. You can see the fighters talk a new language and security have tried methods, “explained.

Hezbollah’s aggression actions are getting more bold.

The first technique in the last flight of the regiment conducted a week.
, And three days of nearly non-stop fighting in the Upper Galilee and the Golan Heights. The regiment spend the activity described as part of a full Brigade in order to train the commanders in cooperation with different forces: tanks escorting fighters on their travels in the tangled, engineering forces broke through and use
Long and intense in a powerful and engaging cannon that shook northern Golan Heights as part of the new warfare techniques, and ש”האויב cannot lift up my head.

The exercise described as accurately as possible a complete fighting in Lebanon, and ordered troops to deal with rocket fire on the rally grounds, surprising and freeing task in an armored personnel carrier. “It was against Hezbollah training into practice,” said Lieutenant Colonel Abu fares.
“As a result I can say with certainty that the sword battalion” ready for anything “.

The Druze Regiment test new warfare techniques against Hezbollah in intense exercise

To spend also the Commander northern command, General Yair Golan, the Commander of 91st Division, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Halevi, who watched and chooino forces them into discussion with Meg and bone marrow on various aspects of the exercise.
At the end of
The exercise brigade commander said that “we had to reduce the exercise due to the cuts, but even if the exercise was short, he was thick. Intensively used a very complicated area, Galilee to the Golan Heights. Successfully implementing the technique you need to embed the entire army.

Before her training period the regiment was sent,
And which fulfill the spend, the intense operational activity within Lebanon, another territory where referendum will be back soon. “We cut to prevent
The threat of penetration, improve infrastructure and other activities intent cannot list them, “Battalion Commander” sword “.

The Druze Regiment test new warfare techniques against Hezbollah in intense exercise

A senior officer in sector explained last week that actions
Hezbollah in South Lebanon and are bold. The troops on the border, see how the villages continue messengers of the terrorist organization to try and gather round the clock information on IDF battalion warriors, families from villages in the North are likely to be the first to suffer from the onslaught of Hezbollah continues to be alert every day at the border. “The changes in the region require us to be ready for war,” said Colonel desire upon completion of the multinational exercise. “Each scenario required him with sword battalion sector, I feel safer than any other Regiment.

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