The echelons

צילום: דובר צה”ל

He came from Iran, and is already on its way to fulfill his dream to become a combat doctor in || “We told everyone we were going to vacation in Turkey. Still not returned from her holiday “|| Interview with g.

תאריך: 07/12/2015, 11:00    
מחבר: נדב זק, אתר צה”ל

The beginning of the academic year as a medical student on track “top doctors” combat device, open c instead as far away from where he was born: Iran. “When you get out you Iran doesn’t mean you’re coming to Israel. We told everyone we were going to vacation in Turkey, still not returned from her vacation, “he says. “We left everything behind, from our stuff to my extended family is still there.”

At age 5 he immigrated to Israel. Just the smell of cooking and a vast carpet, packed with biblical quotes, hanging on a wall in his living room of can vouch for where they came from. When he talks about Iran is remembered smells and tastes you encounter one. “When you say you come from Iran, it seems that people are trying to kill the Jews, but that’s not true-they are very warm people Award and simple”, tackles who grew up in Tehran.

The echelons

He said immigration and cultural change were not simple at all. “When we didn’t know so the language, only the words of the Persian mentality is very quiet and withdrawn, especially in comparison to Israeli culture. However, learn Hebrew language c and pull Israeli culture. “When you have a new immigrant to be independent, you could say I was self’s parents. Even gatherings of parents in the school alone. I wanted to help my parents because they were very busy and had easy, share. He barely profitable, arrival to Israel made him appreciate the obvious, “I learned to appreciate the little things too, like walking on the street with a skullcap and Tzitzit out without fear, those things that were acceptable when we lived in Iran.

The journey to the top

After that, between hataklamo g that he wants to contribute and serve in significant service possible. He decided to forego the different routes as the army offers to speak Middle Eastern languages, and to concentrate on his dream to be a doctor. “I’ve always been interested in medicine. Always carried forward to doctors who were role models for me. Throughout the years I volunteered at hospitals as a clown. This period was significant to me, when you see people who devote their lives to make it stick with you “.

During all this time, from c to volunteer “tlped” which connects students to families of new immigrants from South Africa. “I ran for this scholarship because I know how hard it is to be a new immigrant in Israel and how a little help can make a great difference. Because I know the difficulty of learning the language and integration into Israeli society that has different character so I can give them some experience, some “In the end it turns out that even as I have family roots came to Iranian-volunteer with South Africans and find prizes,” he adds with a smile.

The echelons

Today, he’s a student of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, as part of “tzameret” route. The device, the next generation of doctors, visceral IDF recruit dozens of girls and boys recruit students for medicine that combine medical application content inside. It is a long and challenging road but none of scaring a third today in the first year of studies, think about the day I will be a doctor in “combat track at all, but he really makes you personally and can help people like me who are more difficult to study medicine and become a doctor in Israel. Beyond that, it’s obviously an enormous mission.

Nearly two decades after he immigrated to Israel with his family, hope the day can go and visit the land of Iran, where he could meet his family left behind. “I am very happy that we have, I’m not sure I’d come to the same place if we didn’t make this move,” he says. “It’s a great honor to serve in the army and living in the country expected to reach her so much.”

Translated from Hebrew