The Education Committee of the Knesset visited the Tel NOF airbase

הח”כים במהלך הסיור. צילום: יונתן זלק, חיל האוויר

Visiting Knesset members met to plan “blue steel”, involving the air force in educational institutions and includes tracks to locate professional schools students to combine their technical formation

תאריך: 11/06/2012, 13:49    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The Education Committee of the Knesset yesterday (Sunday) set a special visit on the base.
Tel NOF air force, accompanied by the Chief Education Officer, Brig. Gen. Ali shermister, head of חות”ם (required, and planning-Yun), air force Colonel Yoav bar-rock.
Visiting Committee members passed a review about the status of the air force in particular, and in General, as an educator in Israeli society.

The open day Committee members meeting with the Base Commander, Brig. Gen. Tomer bar, which displays the root activity to them, both on the operational and educational aspects. “Education is a world on which we place great emphasis on the base, which is an operational activity” pipe, the CDC said, stressing that last year won in base hailit education in the first place. “Education for us is making us translate tactical operations and clear messages from the Commander down,” added and expanded on the multiple activities, such as volunteering more than 360 soldiers from units at Kaplan Hospital project effort studying “, allowing soldiers to complete matriculation during service, and direct communication with the Association of Holocaust survivors” people “.

In a review conducted by the Chief Education Officer, said one of the highlights in the understanding that education serves the operational mission, whether the warrior on the battlefield or the quartermaster, soldier and told of the widespread activities of the IDF as an educator. Brig. Gen. shermister said the force’s main occupation education is the educational consumption growth, preparation for recruitment, the IDF spirit values education, the Ethiopian members recruitment, education and settlement history of the establishment of the State, the importance of the reserve service, and preventing risky behavior among soldiers, with an emphasis on drug and alcohol consumption.

After a tour helicopter gunships Squadron “the leaders and fighters Squadron, F15, Knights of the double tail, heard the Education Committee of the air force’s educational רמ”ח. חות”ם in expanded activities, including” blue steel “, involving the air force in educational institutions and includes tracks to locate professional schools students and quality reference, when combined in an array. More points where scourge Colonel J80 are project (integration of Haredim-) blue, air force reserve and the integration of women in the technical, and
Noting that in recent years show that all דת”ק (hardened-lands) comprise about 30% of women array.

The Committee Chairman, MK Alex Miller, started his career in the military service at the base Tel NOF airbase, senior mechanic ב”טייסת the bat. “As far as I’m concerned, that’s where I started and got my connection as a young Patriot and the motivation for contributing to the country, he said, adding that” as it was then, I think that is very important to invest in new recruits immigrants, Greece with a motivated and high recruitment rate, which is the place for them to be exposed fully to interest people of the country which is unique to the army.

Meanwhile, MK Miller noted that grown in the technical world, he sees importance
To integrate the technology world also. “today, teenagers don’t have enough awareness for the issue of entering the world of technology, and it should disclose them. We know there are all sorts of stigmas of the past in terms of the work that is physically hard, but things look different, and young people who are after a period of several years in technical date are professionals with experience in citizenship, where they can participate in life. MK Miller noted that the Committee wants to edit
A Knesset debate on the subject, where the proposal for granting certification to veterans of technical apparatus, the Ministry of industry and trade, Ministry of education, so that they can finish their service and integrate directly into jobs, and can move on to college academics

“The army is part of the country. Should understand that today the IDF serves as an integral part in terms of percentage in education, whether in a school, whether in cooperation with the Ministry of education, if the world and the technical personnel, “said a member of the Knesset, adding that” ultimately, the country enjoying this whoever entered these systems are best, and those who continue on with civilian life.

Translated from Hebrew