The entire air force exercised in Northern fighting

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The large-scale soldiers conducted last week and has battle squadrons, the boots, the new technical systems and transport 669 units and fish. The main purpose of the exercise was testing the battle capabilities of attacking multiple targets in a short time.

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All air force squadrons and units participated in the exercise last week at the annual meeting, send Dima describes fighting. The main purpose of the exercise was testing
And improved the force attacking multiple targets in a short time. Enhanced battle squadrons as limescale establishes their capability, and during the first days of the exercise, and pilots steer battle practiced the complex. “The ability to apply, so we give her.
Great place for exercise, “explained רמ”ד haileim in aerial maneuvers, major.

All air force base took off without stopping the aircraft and helicopters, assault helicopters, the aircraft and transport planes staffed. In terms of technical boots and ordnance, who participated in the exercise, the goal was to shorten the time for being the plane on the ground. These units practiced the planes for takeoff. “Anytime we are required to keep the aircraft target,” said Chief Technical pilot flight “Scorpio”, Maj.
Ethan. “In recent days were ahead of us with mental difficulties, in order to be ready for any scenario. We work with the understanding that the next campaign would be massively more than akudmut.

On the day was the “Squadron” flying dragon air and terrestrial challenges posed to attendees. “The Corps faced the enemy responded too smart and
Initiated his moves, as we anticipate that would happen in a real campaign, “added major.

UAV systems, transport helicopters and shaldag unit and -669 trained during the week on a variety of scenarios to suit most to the North, and collaborated among others with the Navy. In addition, the squadrons that operate different models of helicopters that cooperate in order
To strengthen the link between the battle squadrons. “We reached a common understanding that we can find ourselves flying in war,” said Deputy Squadron “Hornet, major Oded.
“We have decided to split between us, so that every pilot is responsible for a different part of your outline so that everything would be done more efficiently. Each squadron has its representative in the second squadron to give relevant accents at the planning stage.

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