The “Eshel air force-fatal blade that runs too distant ranges.”

אלוף אשל בטקס החילופים, היום. צילומים: אורי שיפרין, דובר צה”ל. יונתן זלק, חיל האוויר

The Air Force Commander entered received the baton of command from major general ido nehushtan. “In the Middle East there is no place for the weak. The IDF and the air force are the insurance certificate to our existence here, “said

תאריך: 14/05/2012, 12:12    
מחבר: יעל לבנת ומערכת אתר חיל-האוויר

The IAF has received today (Monday): Commander after 35 years of flight
The force, Maj. Gen. Amir Eshel welcomes. The miracle of command, and with great responsibility carrying the Commander of the Corps, he received from the hands of Gen. ido nehushtan. Fifteen years
After that he commanded hatzor airbase, signed today nehoshtan the long-term relationship with the air force, and recent separation definitely passed the reins to Eshel.

“Ido, signing day long and taxing, fraught with challenges in command of the Corps,” said the Chief of general staff exchange, Benny Gantz. “Time led the Corps in harm’s way, in the way it calculated. The partnership between the Air Force Commander to rtemch beyond the Joint Chiefs Commander-order in this case, “she testified.

The “Eshel air force-fatal blade that runs too distant ranges.”

“Today, it’s back to the IAF and we give you the guarantee of trust. I’m sure you have great abilities and will possess you.
Amir and ido, two out today on a new path, the air force continues its way. Raised and managed. “

“The air force-like the State of Israel from then through there with a handful of people, eight light aircraft or one track unusable for flight,” said Gen. nehushtan.
“Today, a glance around and into the sky to see the reality exceeded all dreams. Another chapter Chapter went and rallied to force power powerful punch has a magnificent heritage and reputation, pillar and security support necessary for peace.
Each shift in all its endeavors, relay race which passes the torch as a perpetual obligation from the Chief Commander.

“In two minutes, pass the command to my friend and colleague Major General Amir Eshel, a talented Commander
And, know the force and its missions. The torch will pass the runner in the race, which was way before sixty-four years. Amir, emotional satisfaction and pride and forward-moves the hands ready force, sharp and determined, aware and deeply meaningful work; The force on a BES and who constitute a family.
Real. “

The “Eshel air force-fatal blade that runs too distant ranges.”

The Eshel received his letter from his appointment to the post as early as Thursday, but today it has become the official Commander of the IAF, which came after four years as head of the Planning Department of the General staff. “Historically,” verge said Air Force Commander.
“Old protest. Dark forces strangers to values in a way never heard of
On come spring. Nobody knows, what will be the balance of risks and opportunities?
We live in a fog of uncertainty: stand on guard, ready to and allow its leadership to political opportunity out of power.

“In the Middle East there is no place for the weak. IDF hold with the IAF: the decisive arm of deterrence, and protection, insurance certificate for Israel, Jewish and democratic State.
Years ruins comprise potential for twists and turns and tests. We battle.
If you have Israel withdraw unsheathed sword, there was the sharp blade and lethal, victory, in close and far away, in front of terror threats and emergent armies. The air force would be capable, available and ready for any scenario. Sublime hope, progress, to strengthen, to bridge gaps facing challenges, and win. “

After the exciting ceremony where smiles never gave the participants, the commanders along with the audience for a toast. “I want to thank testified. Claims and soul remain anywhere in the force, and zero power edge could see today, “said Khan, and with the participants a new start.

One of the guests at the ceremony was the Chief of staff and Commander of air force, Lieutenant General (Ret.) Dan Halutz, told IDF website that “replacing the command will always be a significant day for the air force. Since I know the officers personally I know I finished a great Commander, and Chief of staff and I wish them all success and safe way. He also said Lt. General (Ret.) pioneer “in such cases, I always remember my personal experience when I moved and I tried the control command, and I understand the hearts and thinking about the feelings that go to the heart of bespoke and Amir now.”

Translated from Hebrew