The establishment of regular battalions are now added in the form “netzah Yehuda battalion”

אילוסטרציה: “במחנה”

In light gaps in manpower and for the possibility of extending the Haredim, the manpower planning industry to create additional custom frames. The draft also extended to cyberspace

תאריך: 16/10/2012, 11:09    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Head human resources planning (עתכ”א) in care, Lt.-Col. Amir vadmani, met recently with the leaders of the military made. During the conversation the present statistical trends about IDF service, various data collected in the field and the long-term vision.

Opening the conversation indicate that expected increase regularly עתכ”א head consisting of instruments
Draft, due to an increase in the birth of the Jewish population from 1996 (results in 1 2014-2015). However, the IDF recruitment rate is in decline. In 2000 he stood at 43.6%, 67% in 2010 and expects that will be prolific about 40.8% over -2020 for approximately 40.5 percent, “Col. vadmani fish.

According to the data, approximately 67% of the Jewish population articles when targeting stands at 46.5% and 59.1% of women. Eagle in percentages ranging from 14% to 15%. Alongside these data about the data among recruitment recruitment potential, divided the various reasons for release from the Israel Defense forces or military service exemption.

“The main reason among men is on his teachings when 13.8% of men not enlisted due to this in 2011. Today, they are one hundred percent rose 14 percent “, said Lieutenant Colonel vadmani. In General, about several thousand Orthodox Jews who don’t enlist at any given time, and if you consider the Tal law expiration and to mobilize all those who enlisted not had turned 28, rising to number tens of thousands.

Among the women military service exempt 21.4% of cases are against the religious statements.
“In 2011, the women don’t 25.4% enlisted, and this year about 25.6%,” Lieutenant Colonel vadmani introduced a disturbing increase.

Under the draft legislation, introduced by Mayor עתכ”א regulates developments made to draft better with this population “We practiced the task and made the series in this field. We didn’t have the tools to diagnose and created custom tools. In this framework, we have added more doctors, psychiatrists and other officials, said Lt. Col. vadmani. Alongside these developments take place in the enrollment of about 5,000 ultra-Orthodox, while military service enablement and maintaining the principles of their faith. “The IDF’s official position is that it will not be a barrier to recruiting Orthodox but held him and the army makes its full readiness,” said Lieutenant Colonel vadmani.

Meanwhile, regular army עתכ”א head to establish three frames of regular troops in regular battalion netzah Yehuda battalion, along with doubling the number of Haredim in support of fighting – from 800 to 1,500 servers. “From July 2013, if there is no resolution, the IDF will start to recruit Orthodox according to the law. However, as far as we are concerned there is an increase in Haredi enlistment into the army – 1,500 will be organized by the end of the year, the army in particular (which tracks, netzah Yehuda battalion and Regiment – r. f.) “, said Lieutenant Colonel vadmani.

Regarding the desire to fight, there is an increase in recruits, but also needed to produce attractive in electronics and maintenance where there are gaps. “Technological education in the country is declining, as opposed to the needs and the complexity in order to deal with that we have 50 classes for technology education in support of the army, who leveraged the student the technology service,” explained Lieutenant Colonel vadmani.

In the middle of 2012, introduced compulsory עתכ”א head some key setting targets the IDF wants to strengthen and centralize them, including the Sabre, חטמ”ר and the subject collection has two new battalions in the HFC and the 4th battery of iron dome. “The army is transforming cyber and hundreds of people come to an array. Those who qualified in this server do not necessarily fit in terms of their profile, and thus created a State that lost martial sources for other values. However, this critical value is impossible without him in the State of Israel “, said Lieutenant Colonel vadmani.

One solution to reducing the gaps in required locations is redirecting girls in combat roles. “When you get old combatant to air defense
Or front command facilitates traffic “, said Lieutenant Colonel vadmani. At the same time work in transforming the mechanisms to build and kshachtam, the sort order of warriors and thinking about the duration of their service in the IDF, focusing on women in the army recruitment among the religious. “We’re dealing with a lot of the religious issue, and we want to get more of them. To do this, expand the section ‘ best bat-force significantly, destinations.
Attractive and wide enforcement activities, “explained Lieutenant Colonel vadmani. In General, in recent years significantly reduced the scope and administration route build arrays.

In summary, contact עתכ”א head in jointly-made heads so that reinforce their apprentices in service.” the military has manpower gaps, and whoever denies this.
Misleading the public. Created thousands of soldiers Almanac gaps “, Lieutenant Colonel vadmani and added that” I want you, as our bodies led to light the magadim things essential ethical and focused around shared objectives required “inlay.

These objectives, as presented by Mayor עתכ”א, are the technological and engineering troops, armor and artillery and fighters. destinations or combatants build
– Sickle, ttzpithnit מ”כיות, Fluke control in Navy and more. “We see
In a world made of something important and critical to the army, and we want to strengthen that increase the quotas in the future “, said Lieutenant Colonel vadmani.

Translated from Hebrew