The exercise continued: “national preparedness has improved.”

2 simple past if the Israeli model for approximately 25 earthquake scenarios tested in hospitals and in schools throughout the country

תאריך: 23/10/2012, 15:31    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, יפתח כרמלי ודנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Strong earthquake engulfed Israel and the school building collapsed, shbtuko trapped many students that practiced this week for the HFC fighters horror scenario for the site. Today (Tuesday) the virtual reality within the national exercise “point 6” continued to gain momentum when the afternoon held powers.
The HFC staff with 18381913 evacuation scenario, and setting up a field hospital in the area.
“Preparedness is improving with time,” said the IDF site head front command, Brig. Gen. Zvi Tesler.  “Today we have advanced warning systems, and early model 25 earthquake scenarios, say,” actually, we have the appropriate scenario according to the intensity of the Quake and its location,
And in which know how to activate the powers of search and rescue.

Explains front command, Colonel Abu snored said that “we understand that an earthquake is not a case that can be avoided.” “The most significant challenge is public information, not held to this scenario on a daily basis, and therefore has to prepare him and give him the tools to cope.” Another challenge is the difficulty in such scenario by the earthquake, and the alert is just the quake itself, and the response should be to prevent consequences

This is the first year for which practiced a scenario of an earthquake with an intensity of 7 on the Richter scale. The exercise will include two days of contingency exercises, followed by three
Additional training days and to improve.

“Emergency preparedness organization produces competency to work against” war hazards

The exercise in which we examine the collapse scenario held school collaboration
פקע”ר forces, oketz unit, rescue dogs, and David Adom Israel. In addition, for the first time took part in exercise סע”ר forces (primary City), which include municipal employees who authorized to search and rescue in which 16 of the base. When disaster in urban area who charged during the first event
Until פקע”ר troops to arrive are the local authorities, and the importance of training. “This is a system that can work together, but there are gaps that need to be reduced”, said Colonel who snored, “there is tremendous scope of powers that can help in case of disaster, and should work on effective cooperation between the different forces.

The importance of cooperation between the various forces, said he, also Chief
Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, in remarks during the exercise. “Cooperation between security forces.
And the IDF is critical, and the readiness of the emergency organizations servicing produces work against war damage, “he said. “The IDF’s priority is directed towards the front, and we must be strong in front for a quick decision. Therefore, the rear being too strong.

When emergency medical forces use equipment without an expiration date.

During the exercise at Rambam hospital established a field hospital in a nearby parking lot,
And the home front command’s forces and medical corps practiced transporting wounded people to the car park and triage. “To have an event of this magnitude is a huge challenge,” said the IDF site Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Colonel corn cousin. “In an earthquake scenario, we want to get to flatten all the medicine reserves to create and transfer the wounded from damaged areas
The affected areas “, was elaborated.

“We’re testing the function of the hospital in a situation where there is difficulty to get wounded,” Deputy Commander of the command, major medical elor Aviram. “The purpose of sorting is to see some wounded have to pick up and who to let go,” he explained, “is planning to open preliminary treatment points throughout cities to ease the burden on hospitals.

Due to conditions on the ground in case of establishing a field hospital, different from the sterile conditions of controlled normal hospital equipment shortage. The scenario actually moved containers hospital equipment to the designated area. It used to be that equipment
It has no expiration date and does not require special storage conditions. Therefore, the torgla, the hospital’s conduct under a lack of equipment.

In preparing the article attended kisha and Daniella Bokor.

Translated from Hebrew