The expired continues to explore how mobile alerts from rockets and missiles.

In an experiment conducted this week tested the suitability of cellphones to smartphones Cell broadcast technology that enables distribution of alert messages automatically or manually

תאריך: 31/05/2012, 11:32    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Notification system test new cellular of the HFC took place yesterday (Tuesday), which sent messages to cellphones that IDF will smart in the coming months, the missile alert. In the upcoming weeks will be produced a report examining some phones support the new פקע”ר service, you must install the required software. In August expected to test national magnitude exists where citizens throughout the country receive messages.

“The project of the mobile alert deals with the ability to distribute warning messages and instant instructions
At the time, “threats to IDF website warning head on the home front command, Lt. Col. Levi gave it.
“Messages sent to the threatened areas based on existing cellular infrastructure for cell broadcast technology. The messages are distributed by פקע”ר automatically or manually in the threat area, and this service is running on the devices they’re second-generation and later.

In the mobile revolution “,
Izzoido officers and NCOs in the tens of thousands of cellphones, innovative company
Cellcom to the HFC and checked whether the devices support right now. “We targeted for examination and checked if they support. In two weeks, a report says exports explicitly how the devices work and suggest solutions for devices that do not support service “, said Lieutenant Colonel gave.

“All in all, the experiment was carried out as planned. Currently support is about 50-50: devices that already support and those who do not. Bring the conclusions and change the situation. Some devices have to replace it, “added head warning, noting that in his opinion” he right cursor military citizenship process. According to the pilot here get the welfare of civilians. Furthermore, the notification system that will provide unique also warning the army army from the rear.

The iPhone, one of the most common devices currently on the market, no cellular support currently in the service of the United פקע”ר the iPhone already patched and technology support, and aim to bring this technology also, noted Lieutenant Colonel gave. When filtering the alert service to all citizens? It depends, replacing and importing devices that support beforehand.

The turnover rate in Israel “device for the residents is about 2.5 million handsets a year.”
Warning head, said “one of the alternatives in the world. If the citizen require
Cellular company or buy a device supports Cell Broadcast technology so it’s a matter of three years until all the devices in the country support system, now 45% of devices support service in one way or another. “

The last round in August was supposed to close loose ends “The experiment will check all
The deficiencies discovered in the previous round of tests and performed additional testing, systemic
A specific geographic and in coordination with the Ministry of communications, and then will take the test yet. Of course, before the experiment to drink neatly and be updated about the alerts via advertisements and the media “, said Lieutenant Colonel gave.

Translated from Hebrew