The expired test technology to locate trapped using mobile phones

אלומ”ה system allows detection and identification of trapped using their mobile devices. Head in the HFC explained that “necessary due to many missing forecast depicting of earthquakes and rocket falls”

תאריך: 30/05/2012, 11:51    
מחבר: ניבה גולדברג, “במחנה”

In the HFC test is new technology for detecting system
Rescuing trapped by using identifying their mobile device. The system detect large amounts of trapped within a short time and thus helps in cases of massive destruction as a result of an earthquake or fire missiles.

One of the system that was tested last week includes an array mtniidoth antennas for vehicles and generate around the sort cell tower that communicates with the devices and locates their position. In an emergency, the existing cellular antennas, and cannot be used to locate trapped, so mobile antenna is required to give an accurate picture.

In addition, the system is equipped with a tiny man that takes the site, and the image that you placed the mobile devices. This image will be sent immediately to the command and control system of the power and will to find trapped.

“The need for the system due to many missing forecast depicting of earthquakes and missile hits,” head of development, Col. NIR golkin expired. “We were in Haiti and other cases of earthquakes worldwide and learned that the first bdkoth in this indication is needed,” he added.

The system was awarded to אלומ”ה (locate trapped around me) and at this time its different versions examined developed several companies. If she gets to use the current system added to locate trapped, ה”עטלף, which performs specific detection by detecting vibrations. “ה’העטלף system” operates within. אלומ”ה system from detecting a point across, and that is going to save a lot of people,” explained Colonel רמ”ח and development, Ben-Zvi eliassi.

Translated from Hebrew