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Training Simulator this week completed planning for district rocket scenario in non-conventional. “The Simulator allows very significant learning”

תאריך: 01/03/2013, 12:43    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Three dimensional, not just at the movies: Sharon district commanders of the HFC attended the day before yesterday (Tuesday) in a פקע”ר Simulator exercise, simulating emergency scenarios in sophisticated technologies. Dozens of officers act rocket impossible scenario
Conventional, without getting up from your Chair.

In bsimolator bramla, which displays the three-dimensional imaging unveiled the city and forces.

“The goal is to Train Simulator commanders to think,” simulators, driver albite AVI Goldblatt. “The Administration demonstrates various dilemmas to ground commanders using the 3D channel. Civilian casualties are suitable for the type of event
– Conventional or unconventional weapons. The powers sitting in the lower level follow instructions swing Headquarters on the top floor. The process is transparent and the control array
Exercise can see what every practice doing on a personal level, which helps the research exercise.

About the benefits of Simulator, Goldblatt “the big advantage of this facility is that reserves could give the girl mess and eight is already here,
Receive initial review. At 10 a.m. he already finds himself at war with all emergency organizations – simulation see police, firemen, evacuate casualties by 4 in practice on the ground we are limited in terms of coordination with those factors and hours we can work. With this facility the district find themselves in full swing within a very short time, and compress the learning is very significant. “

In the effort of the Sharon district is divided between the reserve units in preparation for emergencies and to swing space and the authorities that run it. In an emergency the units as Sharon
Comprising 20 municipalities. “One of the main challenges of district is its ability to cope with unconventional weapons, said the District Commander, Colonel Ben Zvi eliassi. “Such a scenario is hard to practice in urban space because ocholusia concentrations, in the existing platform Simulator. Simulating unconventional event requires us to accept the process of decisions for activating and directing the forces.
The Simulator brings us to those dilemmas that require them in emergencies.

Translated from Hebrew