The eyes of the nation: fraudulent draft maritime control is underway.

They keep the beaches and help prevent tampering. Commander Beth frame in which Navy the recruitment interview: “they can make the case to succeed or
Fail “

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים

1 October of the Navy continue
To step forward and this morning conducted recruitment controls maritime command (McCarter), ishtbzzo in force from Rosh Hanikra to the shores of the Red Sea. “This is an important role, and significant,” he told the IDF site look frame control responsible for program at Navy, Lt. Col. Ronen texture. “There’s also the role and value required teamwork.
High level to do it, “he added.

In terms of manpower, in the Navy because the trend is to reduce the quantity in the long term, and at the same time bringing the technologies to allow the reduction in manpower.
“We are raising the required amount and meet the recruitment targets, and still is one of the biggest transitions in the Navy in terms of the scope of the courses,” said Lieutenant Colonel texture.

The day will serve along the shores of the Gaza Strip, which is one of the most challenging scenes. “The maritime aspect and on the terrestrial Gaza is a challenge. A lot of residents find jobs at sea, and as a result the work becomes very complex, sensitive, responsible and very affected, “noted Commander frame look and added that” Nowadays, tactical penetration she essentially has a strategic significance – it is important to manage accordingly. “

The eyes of the nation: fraudulent draft maritime control is underway.

Beck conducted activities regularly, and in emergencies, and helps the security forces vis-à-vis the marine sector. “In any event we’ve been hearing about on the news, which was a gathering of watercraft like rocket ships or patrol ships with the enemy – bcryot always in the background, and can cause complete event to succeed or fail,” explained Lieutenant Colonel texture and stressed that the trend sweeping ו”התוצאות successes almost speak for themselves.”

As part of the training process, make sure the Navy to promote the principle of integration of
All frames look. “eventually one array of sea and shore – one cannot work without the other. So are fully synergic training – Beth ships fighters and Beck, “explained Lieutenant Colonel texture.

“People can feel safe in the sea when we keep them.”

The devices available in the marine accidental is advanced and sophisticated,
Of electromagnetic systems and advanced opteronies. “The systems are a breakthrough technology. There are systems that watch for dozens of miles.
To identify factors in the range of tens to hundreds of metres, “said Beth frame control.

Meanwhile, the Navy will not remain disconnected from reality.
– Continue to develop relevant training. “We are also training experiential evidence and not expect the girls just sat and ishnano material. We go to the beach and the sea, and want them to feel the Ocean on which they store, “said Lieutenant Colonel texture.

After extensive training, various scenes girls – and the professionalization of husbands responsible sectors of local lead. “The girls are exposed to all the activities and trends in the sector, as well as operational and sensitive information – which highlights the responsibility imposed on their shoulders,” said Lieutenant Colonel texture.

The eyes of the nation: fraudulent draft maritime control is underway.

Bottom line, Beck help IDF prevent terrorist activity to penetrate the country, and an important part of prevention of threats from the sea. “The meaning of entering our beaches can be vulnerable in our hinterland, and as we met in distant history can have a strategic meaning. This is normal, and even in emergencies. Therefore, it is a significant task and we need quality girls do it, “concluded Beth frame control.

The role of Beck opens a door to another promotion in the Navy – lets get into the thick of the courses related to Bette Sergeant Ali Suiza began as a naval base in the KGB, and now serves as Chief control department – responsible for establishing a number of training courses in her “I’m responsible for professional training of the soldiers, and some of the courses we are patrolling with them, teach them about the role and what it means to be a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces Suiza site icon, said.

Service period against Gaza was characterized by intensely satisfying side. “Boring even there, there’s plenty of operational activities dealing with tourism. When people
Get in trouble at sea – we are the ones who reported and care to help them, “explained Sergeant Suiza. The Beck 24-watch what happens between the waves and identification may save lives.
“Downer pigs are thrown into something suspect, a man with a distress signal or a drowning man for example, especially in the summer days, we transfer the information on and the troops going out to sea if necessary,” noted.

She said the importance of the role of Beck lies in enabling life routines, and also
Entertainment – procedure for citizens travelling to the sea. “The role has paramount importance. We are the ones that allow people to come and hang out at the beach. We sit in front of the radar 24, and it’s fun to know that people can be confident in the sea when we keep them, “summed up.

Translated from Hebrew