The F-16 that crashed that rebuilt – and returned to flying.

Seven years have passed since the last time you took a plane “lightning” 041. After a particularly difficult crash, he was sent to intensive care unit of aerospace maintenance – managed to get him into heaven.

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מחבר: טל מיכאל, אתר חיל האוויר

Seven years have passed since he crashed to the ground. Now, after a long period in which glgelio not touched the runway, he wins again aspired to manoaio and settled with a worm at the end of the runway. It’s hard to tell through the helmets, but sitting in the cockpit and pilot steer excited: two crew members who abandoned the plane-one of the traumatic experiences that can pilot-take off it.

Seven years ago, was that plane wrecks. One glgelio malfunction forced major
Ofer and Captain “Pine Valley” to abandon the aircraft, and the F-16 himself galloped along the runway, overturned and caught fire. “People in aerospace maintenance unit did work that only individuals in the world were able to do,” said Colonel cheer, Commander of the unit. “Although
Though we are quite experienced in rehabilitation after accidents, planes with this kind of aircraft we are. “

In 2005, “Barak” 041 was difficult: away, through intensive air maintenance unit was short. “When he came, we didn’t believe we can fix it. The front was smashed up, the tail snapped, buckled and wings prevent the spoil was filled with mud, “says Abdul רס”ב, ieads reconstruction project in the field of engineering.

After all, the aircraft maintenance unit (יא”א) has not given up. After years of treatments and replacing hundreds of components, bolt finally takes off 88 home.
The squadron. ״אני stand next to the plane and see how this crash affected people, smiling רס״ן (Ret.) Ofer, the pilot ejected from the plane before the crash.
״קשה to believe that everything is back to being the way it was.

Ofer approaching plane that betrayed him hesitantly, and carefully cockpit. ״אני excited but not nervous. For years, I realized how my life is dependent on the people around me, how the test engineer and technicians who examined the saved my life. That one didn’t work, I wouldn’t have been here. Also the Navigator to crash a plane up with pride. Shalom family and to take off after seven years, the first sortie
Barak 041.

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