The F-35 will come to the air force in the next decade

The new aircraft will contain advanced systems can store in the stomach the needed ammunition in the next five years to end aircraft procurement process are expected to arrive in force in service • factors apply: “give the operational advantage that the air force should have the following decades”

תאריך: 03/02/2008, 16:38    
מחבר: שחר חי

A new fighter, the F-35, will be for the air force in the next decade after the purchase, which will be five years, approved as part of an annual “Israeli rabbi. The F-35 will give an overall picture of what is happening on the battlefield, using advanced sensors and armament compartments which contain internal stored ammunition.

“The fifth generation aircraft planned in advance to respond to operational requirements for decades.
The relatives, “project aircraft programs officer in the air force, major.
“We face the twin American examine the involvement of local industries in action to improve the plane’s capabilities to suit the local arena. The new fighter plane includes a number of advanced technologies, fifth generation and less will stand out in the air compared to the aircraft used by the RAF the day.

The intent is most advanced in the world, will allow for a broader pilot status and which could see the pilot on the extensive grounds. The F-35 is manufactured in the United States and will go to the Israeli air force early in. Major Solomon added
Because: “this aircraft brings benefits of fifth generation and give the air force operational need for decades to come.”


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