The F35 aircraft credited to Hebrew: “awesome.”

The F-35 stealth, is expected to lead to the IAF the Gospel of fifth generation fighters, to finally get there, “mighty Hebrew nickname indicating capabilities

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מחבר: שני פומס, אתר חיל האוויר

In 2017 is expected to land in Israel the F-35, which will change the face of battle formation. In preparation, between building the infrastructure for the establishment of the Squadron, now the name-“awesome”. The new name formally accepted last week after being selected from more than 1,700 names. The site invited readers to suggest names for the plane, and there were many proposals from various fields: are “,” Meteor “and many natural phenomena, animals as” Cheetah “ו”זעמן “and” diamond “still ו”חנית “. Eventually accepted the proposed root sprouts either name will be ה”אדיר ‘s daughter”, when joining the ranks.

The F35 aircraft credited to Hebrew: “awesome.”

Usually called fighters in named of birds of prey, such as ה”בז, ה”עיט or ה”נץ, or on behalf of climatic phenomena like” lightning “,” end “or” Thunder “. This time, however, he was elected a distinguished name indicating power and advanced capabilities.

The new plane has wings of grain bridge collapse more than ten meters, President of 14
Tone and range of over 1,000 miles. “this plane is like a glove,” said former air force Lieutenant Colonel magazine discusses F-16 pilot who led the project on behalf of the Department of arms and ammunition in the Corps. “He does everything alone, the pilot should only make decisions and supported the aircraft.” Six switches total, touch screen and can also run speech. Easy user interface, ergonomics and features natural flight, Col. Dan as concluding: “everything is exactly where you think it will.”

In addition to the enormous plane that does air force steps in coming years will land.
In two more planes focus Israel: the Hercules like J “, the Hebrew name Samson, is the future of heavy transport and M-346 aircraft that will guide the next aircraft in combat. Preparations for the new planes and rockets together with the mighty aircraft are expected to upgrade the capabilities of the air force in various arrays.

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