The Faculty general levy: Hezbollah will pay a terrible price for another war in Lebanon.

רכב איסוף של חיזבאללה, בגבול הצפון

Six years after the second Lebanon war says Commander of 91st Division: “if necessary, the IDF knew and cause destruction in terrorist centers in Lebanon. Exposure:
So Hezbollah intelligence collection in border

תאריך: 05/07/2012, 18:20    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך, אתר צה”ל

91st Division Commander, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Halevi, clarifies today (Thursday) that the IDF is prepared for any scenario in the northern border, including war against the terrorist organization Hezbollah, and if necessary, also Lebanon Army. Six years after the second Lebanon war, in a briefing for reporters, Mao stressed that since the war, as well as operation cast lead, produced significant lessons from action methods.

The general levy said today that in seeing the connection between the terrorist activity in Syria and the northern boundary – and accordingly. “The chances of hostile activity on the border continues to rise and so we must be ready and prepared,” said the General.
“There is more than one reason that could disrupt peace in the northern border, but the IDF knew
Respond loud and clear against any possible scenario. “

“The challenges we face are many. We need to see how to deal with the complex challenge of total enemy with many capabilities. However, if necessary, we can work on
Lebanon’s land, causing extensive destruction to the present “, said the General. 
Cause extensive destruction in Lebanon.

At the briefing revealed valuable information about the activities of the terrorist organization Hezbollah intelligence, continue to collect intelligence about activities in Israel’s northern border, with Vantage in residential buildings, patrol vehicles and many activists and fighters on the ground. In the following video, which was filmed by an IDF vehicle ttzpithnit documented gathering of Hezbollah in Israel’s northern border.

Translated from Hebrew