The fall accompanied us at any moment.

צעדת חטיבה 5, החודש. צילום: בן אברהם, “במחנה”

The reserve Brigade soldiers of central command gathered for a traditional March
Together with their families, which was marked by the ל”חומת decade shield.” Brain: “Willis will offer to serve and contribute.”

תאריך: 10/04/2012, 14:21    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Part of the reserve troops of the battalion “Nachshon” separated it from every blade
And have been replaced by other soldiers, but the painful memory of the difficult and bloody fighting in the Jenin refugee camp a decade ago refuses to fade. This month, soldiers of the Brigade’s reserve command and their families gathered to March in Megiddo junction, this time marked the tenth anniversary of operation defensive shield, in which they participated very actively.

During the operation, troops entered the Jenin refugee camp, where he encountered a deadly ambush of terrorists and booby-trapped houses. In the court below entered building, nicknamed “the bath”, multiple IEDs and crossfire, and during the fight.
And rescue, killing 13 of the regiment. Following the heroic battle, awarded special mention for that unit of the Regiment, and two members who were killed during the operation: the late captain Aiden and cm meizlish z except the battle, killed three more of the unit in operation.

Verdant views of Megiddo junction to selected for the March marking the Decade.
Operation Defensive Shield. The Division explained that the point closest to c. After a March of five miles, turn the reservists and their families, meeting sessions and communion with the bereaved families of systems of Israel.

“The atmosphere was in March, when stziino a decade of fighting. Since we are in relations with the warriors and the bereaved families and keep in touch. You could say we’re very social division, “said the IDF Brigade Commander website
The Colonel encouraged raur.

Colonel raur admits that knew the Division after the operation, but the operation clearly
He’s still times. “Keyboard events division moving events a decade ago, but they don’t distort the will to serve and contribute,” he said, “the fighters come with high motivation and training preparing for command, it happens. Infantry Brigade as required for significant operational capability in various sectors, we are committed to maintain our properly.

In this exercise, “Nachshon” brigades conducted six months ago, some infantry action, keeping loyal to the Division. “For nine days passed the alley-alley,”, said Jonathan van ksple, the company reserves. “In the last day
We had a chance, and lost 13 fighters, including those who came for the first time to reserves, and those who volunteered to fight on their own, really jumped on the cars just to get to the army reserves. We understand the importance, it was an impossible situation of terrorism, but they were like brothers to me, “he describes.

“This reserve island of sanity in Israeli society,” said major (Ret) volunteer life, so
The reluctant Company Commander and regimental doctor today. “There were a lot of concerns, especially as Commander. I remember saying then that do the most to bring everyone home, alive or dead. Everyone should remember why it is here. Until today the picture hanging on the door of the Mag are part of us, “he said.

The fall accompanied us at any moment.

Translated from Hebrew